Top 7 Uses for GPS Tracking Systems

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GPS technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years as now, from the traditional method of navigating via a map, a simple looking piece of technology can get you to your destination on the shortest available route at well as avoiding any traffic jams spotted along the way. It’s not just car journeys that GPS can be used for though, as GPS tracking devices have risen in popularity as they can be used in a variety of different ways. Detailed below are seven top uses for GPS tracking;

#1- Commercial Fleet Tracking

As a business owner with a fleet of vehicles out on the road, you are putting a lot of trust in your drivers as you are likely to be completely oblivious as to where there are for large portions of the day. By installing a GPS tracking system however, you can easily keep an eye on where your vehicles are at all times, ensuring destinations are reached on time and your driver’s are travelling on the most fuel efficient routes. Knowing how far vehicles are from being back in the yard can also help you plan other jobs to make sure you are making the most money possible.

#2- Hiking

No matter how experienced you are when it comes to hiking, if you are venturing into an area that you’ve never explored before, there is always the risk that you could get lost. By carrying a GPS tracker with you, in the event that you do lose your bearings and be in need of assistance, rescue teams will be able to track you down far quicker and get you out of there or alternatively point you back in the right direction.

#3- Car Theft Prevention

Whilst the use of GPS is recognised in sat navs and the like, a tracking system which utilises GPS can also be installed as a permanent fixture in your car. This may initially deter a would- be criminal from stealing your vehicle or, if they do, help the police track down the whereabouts of your car and, all being well, return it to you whilst ensuring the perpetrator is brought to justice.

#4- Pets

Most pets become like an additional member of the family so if they happen to run away or are lost, it can have a significant impact on every family member. A small GPS tracking device can easily be inserted under your pet’s skin by the vet that will make it far easier to track them down in the event that they do make a run for it or don’t return home for a few days.

#5- The Elderly and Disabled

Whilst not necessarily being used to track where an elderly or disabled person is, although it could be useful if no significant movement is detected for an extended period of time, GPS trackers for the elderly or disabled can be fitted with extras that enable calls to the emergency services to be made. This ensures that in the event of a fall or accident whereby the main house phone or mobile is out of reach, the injured person can make an immediate call through to the emergency services for assistance.

#6- Expensive Artwork

An increasing number of galleries and museums are now installing GPS trackers to expensive artwork to reduce the risks of it being stolen. If a potential criminal can see that a tracker is fitted to the piece, they are undoubtedly going to be less inclined to steal it as it would be very easy for it to be tracked down. In a similar way to how stolen cars can be tracked, if the criminal takes the artwork and is unaware that a tracker is fitted, it will be very easy for the authorities to determine the exact location and reclaim it.

 #7- Boats

When out at sea, there is a huge expanse of water for you to potentially get lost in and it be very difficult for you to be found again, unless you have a tracker installed. With a fully functional GPS tracker, people back on dry land will be able to follow your every movement and even if you do get lost, they will be able inform you of the course you need to be taking or direct emergency assistance straight to you.

As much as the use of GPS trackers has developed in recent years, it is only going to expand further with it being increasingly useful in many different areas of society. If you can relate to one of the uses detailed above, why not give a GPS tracker a go and experience the benefits of this technology firsthand?

This post was written by Oliver Kyle who, after having his car stolen, was advised to install a GPS tracker from Back2You by friends and as a result benefits from increased peace of mind as no issues have arisen since.

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