In the online apps world, thousands of apps are designed every day, but there are only a few spying apps that can help you spy and keep a check on your better half. If you would like to know the reason why your wife is acting so suspicious and want to find out what she is doing on her phone while she is smiling like crazy with the help of these spying apps. With the kind of spying apps that we have suggested in this article, you can quickly know more about reading someone's messages on their phone. If this interests you, keep reading this article. 

It is not easy for anyone to pick any spying app from the Apple Store or play store and start spying because half of the bulk there is spam. As you have to go for a solid one, then it is enormous to pick the best application for this reason. If you are looking for the best apps that could help you in reading the text messages on the target phone possible, give this complete article a read. 

Here are the top five apps that can help you in reading someone's text messages with giving the target person a hint of suspicion.


In the rundown of top spying apps, there is nothing that can beat cocospy. This is an old application that got well known due to its security and simplicity of usage. To start using cocospy, you do not need to get the information on any specialized stuff. 

Cocospy can work without disturbing you much, and there are a couple of few steps that you must follow if you want to rely on this app for your spying needs. The best part about cocospy is that you do not have to root your Android or jailbreak an iPhone in order to do the spying shenanigan. This feature is only offered by cocospy, and not many spying apps have this feature.

Top 5 Spy Apps to Read Someone's Text Messages 1

This easy to application works fine with both Android just as for iOS. To make it work for Android, you should install the application in the target phone, and the time you are finished with the downloading, you will see the app will work in the background

It does not take much room on the target phone. Neither does it drain the battery. It has a unique electronic interface that permits you to use this app with the help of any program. 

It is 100% ensured and reliable. If you notice, you will become more familiarized with the app after downloading the app. It will disappear from the screen and start working out of sight. For iOS gadgets, just an iCloud account is required for spying. It also has an exceptional online interface that lets you track the target phone on a guide. 

Top 5 Spy Apps to Read Someone's Text Messages 2

Here you should follow a few steps, and when the device crosses those stamped spots, you will get a caution. By using this app, you can access the social media app, text messages, contact numbers, names, monitor call logs, track the GPS of the target phone, and much more read about it at Neatspy.

Step-by-step directions to read someone's text messages using cocospy. 

  • Start by making a cocospy account on the official website page. Here your email details would be required. Your email will turn into your username. 
  • Now purchase a cocospy monthly membership plan. Here is a Premium plan that lets you screen one device; however, a Family plan is a great idea to go with.
  • Pick the target device. It could be Android or iOS. Go for the services that are being provided. If you have to use it for an Android gadget, then you will require downloading and installing a little application. For iOS, cocospy can be set up remotely. 
  • Within less than 5 minutes, you will see that the apps will be installed. After it matches up with the target device, you will access the cocospy dashboard. You can also start to keep an eye on your wife’s text messages from the dashboard that will be available on the left side. 


Spyier is another application in the realm of spying apps that lets you access the target phone's text messages. In case you are dubious about your better half's cell phone activities. You can utilize this app and keep up with what is happening. 

Top 5 Spy Apps to Read Someone's Text Messages 3

Spyier helps you read instant messages, see contact numbers and names, GPS tracking, and see program history.

You do not have a specific program to download this application. This application is for Android, just as for iOS gadgets. To utilize this application for Android, you only have to touch the phone once so you could install the application. Once you install this app, you will see that the application has begun working in the background, and there is no extra effort needed to make. 


When the minspy came into the market, it won everybody's heart because of simplicity. It ensures that the users stay protected. Every one of those people who think that it is challenging to follow the steps might want to go for this application as it is effortless. 

Top 5 Spy Apps to Read Someone's Text Messages 4

Everyone who is new at using spy apps, then this is the best app to go for. Using this app is like a piece of cake. The app works wonderfully, whether it is an iOS or an Android one, as it works in secret mode. Hence, it assures that you do all the spying work with no dread of being uncovered. 


Spyine can help you in becoming more acquainted with each and everything about the target phone, including reading their text messages. This is a 100% free app that works in secrecy mode. This app allows you to use it with no trouble.

Top 5 Spy Apps to Read Someone's Text Messages 5

There are a plentiful number of clients everywhere throughout the world who are using this app. It allows you to use all the best features that will make all your spying shenanigans very easy. 


Spyic comes last in the rundown of spying apps. The reason why this application rose to the top is that it was well known as a spying app. Later it got the name because everybody who was into hacking realized that this application is beneficial for broad hacking purposes. 

Top 5 Spy Apps to Read Someone's Text Messages 6

This application works in secrecy mode that makes sure that your security stays faultless. Everywhere throughout the world, there are a great many clients who are a user of this application, and they love the services it provides since it makes everything very simple for them.

The bottom line. 

Now you do not have to search more about reading someone's messages and apps that support such features because every app that has been mentioned above belongs to the most elite ones. So in case you are looking for a spying app, you are in the right place. We can assure you that these are great and helpful apps that can make your spying struggles less hard.

With the assistance of these apps, you can easily spy on your kids or catch your better half cheat on you red-handed. Don't wait to get fooled, start using these spying apps today and move ahead of time and people.

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