Top 5 Best iPhone Spy Apps Without Jailbreak

iPhone smartphones come with various limitations. One of them is that it may not be possible to install third-party apps that are not available in the Apple Store. However, some people typically break this limitation through a process known as jailbreak.

What does jailbreaking do?

Third-party apps, such as spy apps enhance the Smartphone’s performance. Apple restricts the installation of such apps if they are not available in their store. However, when you install a jailbreaking app, you will be able to install the app and it will function normally.

Nonetheless, it comes with a variety of limitations. For instance, since you are interfering with the system’s code sequence, you can damage the phone; hence, it becomes useless.

Another reason people evade jailbreaking is that you could easily void your warranty.

When choosing a spy app, you may have to consider this factor if you are using an iPhone. On that note, it is possible to find apps that allow you to install the app without jailbreaking.

Here are five Spy Apps you should consider installing if you want to spy on iPhone without jailbreak.

1. Spyic App

The app is available for both Android and iPhone users. It comes with a variety of features, which make it reliable.

Some of these noticeable features include Geofencing, SMS and call trackers, and social media monitoring. Besides being easy to install, the app’s user interface is easy to use. It also has a different interface from the Android one; however, both maintain user-friendliness at a high degree.

When installing the Spyic keylogger, you can either choose to make the app visible or not. That will depend on the user’s preference, nonetheless.

2. Cocospy

On our number two spot, we have this amazing spying app. Cocospy offers the user amazing benefits such as tracking SMS, calls, call logs, WhatsApp, and other social media conversations.

Installing the app into your device is easy. All you require is the iCloud credentials if you are using an iPhone. Secondly, for you to access the control panel, you have to choose an affordable and reliable payment plan for your spying needs.

The app has received numerous recommendations from various personalities. It has millions of users worldwide. Besides that, Android users do not need to root their device.

3. Highster Mobile

Sometimes, accessing a target phone is difficult. The owner could be guarding it with all the resources they have. If you are looking for a solution for that, then this iPhone app is the best.

You do not have to access the phone to install the app. Instead, it uses the over-the-air method. Additionally, you can also view all the reports remotely. Because of their experience over the years, this app is reliable, quick, and fast to use.

 New features you can find within the app include call recording. That means that it will be easy to know critical information you could use as evidence.

4. PhoneSpector

One of the reasons this spy app made it to this list is its efficiency. The app has been in use for many years; hence, the purpose it attracts so many users.

The installation takes a few seconds to finish. However, you will purchase the app to gain access to its control panel. The process is easy: it will not require much effort since no jailbreak is necessary.

Another reason people tend to use this app is helpful customer care available daily. In case of any issues, you can receive live help from the support team.


Fundamentally, XNSPY is an app you would want to consider using. The spy app comes with exciting features, which make it reliable.

The developers have been able to add several additions that you might not find in other apps. For instance, it can record the surroundings of the target phones, and you can monitor all the phone’s activities without rooting it.

Aside from that, it is affordable. Therefore, suitable for an individual that has a tight budget.

Final Verdict

As much as jailbreaking is reversible, it is best that you avoid it. The consequences of using apps that provoke you to do this can be devastating. Some people end up with a useless phone simply because they tampered with their iPhones operating system codes.

Select the app you need to use appropriately. Take careful consideration when selecting the best spy app to avoid exposing the target phone’s user to the wrong people.

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