There are unlimited apps and services for providing easy content writing. Choosing the best one is a hell of a task, so no need to be worried because for the sake of your convenience we are recommending a short list of apps and services for easy content writing. These apps and services make content writing far more easy than it used to be a few years back.

Following are the top 6 apps and services for easy content writing

1. EduBirdie originality checker

Check your papers or presentations with EduBirdie originality checker to be certain that they are wholly free of plagiarism or accidental resemblances with other texts. This online software is free of charge and accessible to anyone. The authenticity of the scholarly work is one of the key factors of its quality and relevancy. That’s why it is crucial to be confident in your writing. This tool works extremely fast – one just needs to upload a file or copy-paste the text right into the box and press “Check my essay” to get a comprehensive and accurate report on the uniqueness proportion. All the correlations will be accentuated with another color, and the list of resources with the same content will be provided so you can edit your essay easily. There is no registration on a website, and you can be certain that any private data you give will remain confidential. 

2. IA Writer

IA Writer is known as one of the most distraction-free writing application when it comes to short blog posts and articles. This writing app is especially for iPad, iPhone and Mac that assists writers to deal with disruptions via a feature termed the Focus Mode. It also has a full-screen mode that highpoints the line you are presently keying and hides everything else on the document.

This is one of the main and foremost resourceful features that many users have come across for concentrating their mind on the existing point, which is somewhat beneficial particularly when we talk about creative writing projects. It can also be used on laptop, desktop, and mobile. Another best thing about it is that it is very simple to use and it syncs writing across all of your devices, so it can be said that IA Writer app is one of the best choices for easy content writing.

3. Grammarly

This app can be utilized to check your blog posts and book chapters for typing as well as spelling errors. When we talk about the premium version of Grammarly then we can say that it has controlling features that aid you to enhance your writing skills. It offers numerous editing suggestions like skipping passive voice, utilizing shorter sentences, alternate word recommendations for utilizing a wider dictionary, and many more.  Most of these features are also irreplaceable when you need to fit your word count. This one can also be very helpful when it comes to content writing.

4. Hemingway App

This is another amazing application for content writers. The best thing about this app is that writers utilize Hemingway Editor to advance their writing and self-editing expertise. You are supposed to paste your text into the app and it will offer recommendations for eliminating a pointless word that you miss here and there like adverbs or by repetition.

It also proposes reframing particular sentences from passive voice to active voice and a lot more than one could ever imagine. Hemingway is pretty valuable if you need to lessen your word-count without skipping any important points from your article.


Whenever somebody talks about content writing services, the name of will always come in your mind. Without any doubt their services, quality, and worth ethics are worth-praising. It is highly recommended by many users because they have a team of professional writers, who are inclined to do their work with honesty. In case you are a student and looking up for easy content writing service then would be the right answer.

It is popular all around the world because of the outstanding services they are offering to their customers. In case you need urgent academic work done by experts or buy term papers online then you can go for their services without any fear of not meeting up the deadline or syntax error because they are the best in the market and that’s why Copycrafter gets 5/5 stars.

6. Google Trends

Google trends have a good rating of 4 stars out of 5 because of their amazing quality and performance. It utilizes graphs to associate the search volume of diverse queries over time. Google Trends is utilized as an online tool that aids users to imagine and notice trends in people’s search behavior within Google Search, Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping, and YouTube. It is a very valuable tool if you are up for revising the accomplishment of a corporation’s SEO plan. It is utilized all over the world when it comes to easy content writing.


These above applications and services are very helpful in easy content writing because they make your work easy, flawless and simple to organize. By utilizing these services and apps you would be able to do your content writing task proficiently.

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