Top 5 Android-Based Hardware Media Players to Power Your Digital Signage in 2020

With the second decade of the 21st century nearly in the books, now is the time to take a step back – and a look back – at the many changes that have happened in the business world. Two decades ago, cell phones were limited devices, capable of making voice calls but little else. Now those same communication devices serve as cameras, web browsers, email servers and even business hubs.

The ushering in of the mobile age has brought a number of follow-on changes as well, including significant shifts in the ways consumers behave and customers shop. If your business has been trying to reach buyers in the same old ways, you have probably noticed a serious drop-off in engagement and results.

Now is the perfect time to implement a digital signage solution for your business, one that incorporates the latest technology and one that fully supports affordable devices, including the popular Android operating system. The Android operating system does much more than power smartphones – this highly flexible platform is also perfect for all kinds of digital signage solutions. With that in mind, here are our picks for the five best Android-based hardware media players that will be powering your digital signs through 2020 and beyond.

#1. The Look HD-2218 PRO

If you are looking for the perfect Android-based hardware media player, the Look HD-2218 PRO is the natural choice. Featuring six core CPUs and a Mali-TB60 GPU, this powerful TV box is ready to go, so you can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

One of the biggest advantages of the Look HD-2218 PRO is its true plug-and-play capabilities, which occur thanks to cloud-based CMS offered in pair with the player. Just plug the device in and let it go. This popular hardware media player supports both HDR and true 4K 60fps resolution, so your digital signage displays will look better than ever.

#2. Nvidia Shield TV Pro

The Nvidia Shield TV Pro is another worthy entry to our list, with plug-and-play operation, excellent resolution and support for all your digital signage software needs. The Nvidia unit also includes plenty of storage space, making it easy to update your digital signs on the fly and keep all your information where it needs to be.

The low price of the Nvidia TV Pro also makes it a good choice for marketers on a budget. This Android-powered device includes everything you need for a robust digital signage solution.

#3. Qbic BXP-300

This small but highly capable device is an excellent choice for digital signage, with plenty of processing power and a form factor built for portability and remote access. The Qbic BXP-300 features a quad core processor and support for 4K resolution, making it perfect for powering on-premises television displays.

The Qbic BXP-300 also comes with a pair of USB ports, a micro USB port and an SD card slot, making it one of the most versatile Android-powered digital signage hardware players on our list. This low-cost solution is already in place in many businesses around the world. 

#4. Android Xiaomi Mi Box S

Powered by the Android TV platform, the Xiaomi Mi Box S is a great choice for affordable digital signage. This hardware device is easy to use, and it includes Chromecast for moving images from a desktop display to a digital signage situation.

It is important to note that the Android Xiaomi Mi Box S was not designed to be a digital signage solution per se. That does not mean it will not work; it certainly does.

#5. Geniatech APC395X 

The Geniatech APC395X is the last entry on our list, and it is definitely worth a look. Powered by the Android platform, the Geniatech digital signage hardware device is highly affordable, so marketers on a budget can deploy it pretty easily.

The Geniatech device is comprised of a true business-caliber computer, one with plenty of power to support virtually any Android-based digital signage software. With plenty of memory, exceptional speed and a powerful processor, the Geniatech APC395X would be an excellent choice for just about any digital signage application.

The 21st century is a digital age, so it is only fitting that effective marketing would require a true digital solutions. Whether you are working with a limited budget or have cash to spare, each of the five Android-based hardware media players on the above list would be fitting additions to your corporate marketing arsenal.

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