If you’ve been using Amazon Fire TV stick for some time, you’d already know that it’s one of the best ways to convert any old dumb TV into a new-age smart device! However, it’s highly recommended that you subscribe to the best VPN for Firestick when you use this service, as it can protect you from all kinds of online threats. Furthermore, there are various Amazon Fire TV hacks you can use to get the most from the service. Let’s go through 4 of them below:

Optimise your gaming experience through a gamepad

Many games available on Amazon Fire TV may not work best through the remote that comes with the device. The remote is way too simple for the console type of games you have available on the platform. You should invest in a Fire TV gamepad which can make these games a lot more fun. Some of the titles that work clearly better with the gamepad include: Asphalt 8, RipTide GP2, GTA: San Andreas, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, The Bard’s Tale and Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Find iPlayer and Netflix shows that work with voice control

At the time of its launch, Amazon Fire TV with mic used to allow look up of only the Amazon apps and movies through the voice control feature. This had put off a large number of users. However, nowadays, using this device you can easily look up videos on iPlayer and Netflix too. You should make the most of this facility and make your TV watching smoother.

Add voice support to even non-mic TVs

As also mentioned earlier Amazon’s Fire TV games work best when you use their gamepad. This gamepad is a lot like the ones you get with PS4 or Xbox One these days. But, this one has an additional feature. Apart from mirroring all the controls present on a regular Fire TV remote, such as the playback buttons etc., it has a mic which allows you to directly speak to the media box. So, once you get the fire TV gamepad, you’d be able to pretty much dump the remote into some drawer for good.


You can sideload apps to avail more choices

As it is fairly new, the app library of Amazon Fire TV may seem pretty limited, more so if you just have the TV stick, instead of the bigger Fire TV. However, the good news is that you are allowed to sideload apps, implying that you can install them manually. What more, it’s pretty easy to do that! All you need to do is access Settings > System > Developer Options and then enable the feature ‘Allow debugging and apps from unknown sources.’ Once you’ve done that, you’d be able to download the Apps2Fire on your smart phone. It will enable you to install the apk files (Android app files) directly on the Fire TV, through your phone.