Top 3 Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2021

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Despite the coronavirus pandemic, a large number of innovative gadgets were released in 2020. The next year is not going to lag behind and is preparing even more high-profile releases. So what are the most anticipated gadgets that we can already expect in the nearest future? Let’s take a look at the big-bang names.

#1 – Galaxy Z Fold 3

Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a bright new product of 2021. It would seem that the key flagship – S21 Ultra – has already been presented. However, the Korean giant is preparing a much more impressive and technologically advanced device – the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The third generation of Samsung's flexible smartphones should become a real flagship over other flagships, demonstrating all the technological power of the company.

The gadget is expected to have:

  • A hidden sub-screen camera – there are no cutouts or holes in the display. The front camera is now located under the screen. This is the first time that Samsung uses this solution in their smartphones;
  • Processor with AMD GPU – the “heart” of the smartphone is the new version of Exynos, equipped with an AMD graphics accelerator. So when playing slots with bonus games or watching your favorite movies, you will definitely be amazed by visuals;
  • Stylus support – for the first time, the flexible Samsung smartphone will receive support for stylus pens, thus, gaining the huge range of related features found in the Galaxy Note series;
  • Water-resistant coating – the new device will be the first flexible smartphone with at least basic water protection. In addition, the mechanism of the smartphone will become even more reliable.

You can expect Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the nearest future.

#2 – iPhone 12s / iPhone 13

Apple's next-generation iPhone is still a long way off to release. It should traditionally debut in the fall. However, thanks to well-known insiders who have previously accurately predicted the characteristics of new products more than once, a lot is already known about the “new” iPhone.

So the following innovations are expected for all versions of future iPhones:

  • Reduced “monobrow” – unfortunately, the large cutout at the top of the iPhone will not completely disappear, but it will become noticeably smaller. It will shrink at least in width, leaving more room for system indicators;
  • Touch ID sub-screen fingerprint scanner – the scanner that we all know about will return. But now, it will work under the screen, becoming an addition to Face ID face recognition. That is, users can set double protection if they wish;
  • Processor A15 – big changes in device performance should not be expected since 5 nm production rates will still be used in the new device;
  • Longer battery life – slightly more capacious batteries will help to achieve it, as well as the new X60 modem from Qualcomm, which has a noticeably lower power consumption compared to the X50;
  • Wi-Fi 6E support – it will be up to 2x faster than Wi-Fi 6 core networks.

Although there will be no major changes in the iPhone 12s, the new product is expected to make Apple fans happy.

#3 – iPhone Flip

Flip smartphones are becoming a new trend in the industry of mobile gadgets. Although there seems to be nothing new in such devices, Apple will have something to surprise their customers with (at least, many believe in that). The probability that they will release a revolutionary gadget in the nearest future is extremely high. There are many rumors about that. The formal announcement of the foldable iPhone Flip is expected in 2021. Testing prototypes already began at the end of last year at Foxconn factories, and the commercial version will go live in 2022 already.

There is almost no information about the iPhone Flip yet. It is known that LG and Samsung will be suppliers of foldable panels. Also, the upcoming novelty is promised to have 8 GB of RAM and a built-in flash drive with a capacity of 256 GB, and it will look like an iPad mini. That’s it at the moment. We are waiting for more information in the coming months, and, of course, we are looking forward to testing the new gadget.

Final Say!

In 2021, each of the largest smartphone manufacturers will present its next-generation flagship. Although there is almost no information about some of them at the moment, the tech community is waiting for the opportunity to play with new products. So do we!

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