Tips for Your First Time Playing Online Bingo Sites

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The Bingo community has changed. While you can still find a wholesome group of veterans hacking it out over a line or two in your local Bingo hall, most of the action now takes place over the world wide web. Bingo has gone digital, and in doing so gained an immense following – especially in the UK and the US.
Remote betting in the UK increased from 817 million in 2009 to an impressive 4.5 billion in 2017. While online Bingo isn’t the most lucrative among betting and online casinos, participation showed a jump to almost forty percent from 2016 to 2017. This was more than any other online gambling activity, which shows just how rapidly the industry is expanding.

Your First Time

As innocent as Bingo may seem, there’s no escape from the fact that it’s still technically gambling. There’s no time at which this is more prevalent than when you’re looking at the screen, and it’s asking for your payment details. However, there are many reputable Bingo sites online, and they’re quite easy to find if you’re willing to do your research. There is a vast online community of players, ready to answer any questions you have.
When you do settle on a site you think is right for you, you’ll probably be a little confused; even if you’re an experienced Bingo player, the new platform will take a little getting used to.

Don’t be put off by the learning curve. As with every online gambling site, the rules for the various games will be explained on the website; you can often find a list of sections either at the top or the bottom of the page, and one of these will usually provide information on how to play.

Make sure that you take full advantage of the welcome bonuses. Online Bingo sites offer some of the best deals in the gambling business. You might wonder why online gambling sites are so generous with their first timers, and the reason for this is that you are usually the least likely to know how to win. Once you understand the game, you’ll wish you had the great bonuses you were given before. If you’re looking for some £15 free, no deposit bonuses to take advantage of check out Boomtown Bingo’s up to date list here.
With the tips below, you can take full advantage of these bonuses and make as much money as possible.


Time to Win

An obvious trick, which many aren’t aware of when preparing for their first online Bingo game, is to consider the time at which you’re playing. Time-zones matter. The reason for this is that you’ll be more likely to win at a time when less people are playing; by the nature of Bingo, everyone has an equal chance of winning. Therefore, when less people are online there are less people who have a chance at winning the game – less competition for you. Try to log in early in the morning, or – if possible – late at night.
This trick is easier to implement when the site is popular within your own country, as players will all be in the same time-zone. There’s no point in trying this technique on an internationally popular Bingo site, as you’ll end up waiting a long time only to find out many people are still active.

The Wisdom of Veterans

There are two main strategies popular among experienced Bingo players. These are called Granville’s strategy, and the Tippett strategy.
The former works by making sure you have a balanced number of even and odd numbers; also, having one number each ending in 1-9. It’s best left up to the experts to decide if there’s any logistical advantages to this strategy, but worth saying that stock market specialists have been known to adopt it, and many would consider them to be the experts.
The Tippett strategy involves picking numbers at the higher and lower ends (1,2, 74, 75) for shorter games, and numbers close to the middle for longer games; this is based on the belief that middle-numbers are more likely to come up when playing for a significant amount of time.

Hunt for Prizes

Know your targets. There are specific prizes given for certain lines and number-combinations, and it’s useful to know these before the game starts. Most players pay little attention to the subcategories, as they are too focused on the big prize; this leaves some room for you to pursue them.
Having something to work towards will increase your enjoyment of the game, and your chances of making some money.

The online Bingo market is blossoming into a hectic cyber-playground, and offers continually more advanced and enjoyable variations of the game as its follower-count expands. If there was ever a time to get involved and play some Bingo, it’s now – especially given the current social climate, where many of us have little left to fill those long hours. With the tips above, and a wealth of experienced players ready to answer your questions, you should be off to a flying start.
Win some prizes, and above all have fun. It might be gambling, but it still bears the Friday night Bingo hall spirit, and it’s up to everyone who joins to keep that alive.

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