Tips for Writing Email Subject Lines That Always Work

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When so many emails arrive daily, it’s natural for people to be selective about those they will open. No one has time to shift through all their emails on the off chance there could be something interesting. You have to offer some kind of immediate motivation for potential customers to open to yours. Here are a couple of ways you can encourage recipients to want to open and read your email.

 Immediate Action Required

This is an instruction. In discourse, talking, humans are prewired to override other noise and refocus attention onto the speaker when they hear an instruction.  It’s part of the flight or fight response. An instruction is a part of speech held in reserve for when immediate action is required. Such instructional phrases get attention without really trying, like Stop, Danger.

 Arouse the curiosity 

Not making the email sound cliché, clickbait or spam, word choice matters in the subject line. The aim is to have someone open it and there has to be a reason to want to. It appeals to the ‘it could be something good for me’ philosophy. Long subject lines not relevant to your product brand are detrimental. It is better to stay short and mysterious and sow the seeds of curiosity. With clever word play, you can reap the rewards later.

 Surprise bumps 

Who doesn’t love news about gifts, free of cost offers or at least discounts on their favorite purchase? As an initial message, mention some element of surprise to keep the reader going and impressed by the brand. It makes the person more inclined towards the details of the mail and make efforts to read through the next one providing a better opportunity to build on brand loyalty. 

 Keep a connection

With personalized relations between clients and workers or salesmen and customers, the target market is kept satisfied and their respective needs are catered to. No generic responses or offers should be made and every mail should be as personalized as possible with the customer’s preferences and general likes. 

Keeping up with current trends and staying updated

Trendy topics are always opted for the first when going through an inbox. Make sure to create a subject line that attracts instant attention to what is trending. Psychologically, this shared knowledge puts you and your customer in the same group. Those who know what is trending versus those who do not. This connection will encourage them to take more notice of your email. It is relevant to them so when scanning keywords jump out and they actively decide whether to open it or not.  The trick is to make the subject relevant to the trend and to your business or product and not let it all sound contrived. 

Interest-Based Storyline

There are ways to get clever with subject lines other than plays on words. If you can manage it, adding an element of mystery to email subject lines so they run as a story can arouse interest and curiosity and create a following. If played well, you can develop the story over several emails. The catch is to make the story relevant to your brand or the products you wish to promote.

In short, you have to be willing to be more adventurous with subject lines to get your email noticed. It’s worth taking the time to think each one through carefully so each one has some sort of positive impact on your marketing strategy. Dashing out a subject line in haste is just a wasted opportunity. Instead work on making every interaction with a customer count to secure their business in the now and in the future.  

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