Things you need to know when buying glasses online

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As our lives increasingly revolve around all things digital, we are becoming more reliant on internet shopping. But for things like glasses, shopping online can seem a little dubious to those who have never done it before. When purchasing new frames you will of course need basic information like your prescription and your pupillary distance (check out how to measure pupillary distance if you do not already know) but here are some tips on what you need to look out for when browsing for some new glasses.

  1. Durability – look for the more durable frames and flexible materials to ensure the longevity of your glasses. You should also check for add-ons to fit your lifestyle such as anti-glare or scratch-resistant lenses.  Multifocal, progressive or high index lenses are more complicated to manufacture, and some online retailers may shy away from filling such prescriptions so make sure they offer exactly what you need.
  2. Variety – one of the first things you should consider when look for an online glasses retailer is the extensiveness of their selection. You want to have a variety of styles, shapes, and materials to choose from including all the designer brands you are familiar with. You also may want to purchase more than one pair as a backup or simply so you can mix up your look. Keep an eye out for retailers that offer discounts when you purchase multiple pairs.
  3. Free trial or try before you buy – a lot of retailers offer a free home trial in which they send you a number of empty frames to try on and check out in order to figure out which style suits you best. You then send these back to them free of charge and can order your chosen frame with your prescription lenses. In addition to this, some retailers have virtual try-on technology where you can use a photograph of yourself or a webcam to see how you would look in them. Sellers who offer a free return period are especially great because you can wear your glasses for a couple of days to get a proper feel for them.
  4. Fit – sometimes you may need to take your glasses into a store in order to have them fitted by a professional so take this into account when figuring out your budget for a new pair of glasses. Glasses that do not fit well are not only uncomfortable but can actually affect your vision because you will not be looking through the lens correctly.
  5. Shipping – consider both the cost and the time scale for shipping. Check how much they charge for shipping and see if they offer free delivery over a certain amount. 
  6. Return policies – when you purchase anything online you should take note of the retailer’s return policy as you may find that the product is not exactly how to imagined it. Your chosen glasses may not look right on you, or they may be uncomfortable on your face. Pay attention to how many days you have to return the glasses and whether you will have to pay to ship them back to the seller.

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