Owners of one-room small-sized apartments need to think through the bedroom layout rationally. Each centimeter is endowed with high functionality and practicality. But at the same time, the bedroom should look nice. The best bunk beds will help to achieve this goal. Today, there are many best bunk beds reviews you can check. But first, you should learn what to pay attention to when choosing the bed.

What Type of a Bunk Bed to Choose?

A bunk bed can have several variations. Depending on the place of its application, the relevance of each type of similar furniture also changes. Modern furniture stores offer models designed for one child. They have a desk on the 1st floor and a bed on the 2d. These are the best rated bunk beds. This type of furniture is very functional. It allows you to efficiently place school supplies and books in the drawers.

A Bunk Bed for a Child

The space for the child should be divided into several zones. There should be a place for games, reading books, a restful, full sleep. If the room is not large, put a full bed here. The sofa and the playground will not work. A bunk bed with a soft sofa is a good option to choose.

Take into account the age category of the child when choosing a bed. Don't allow a child under 6 to sleep or play on the second floor. There is a risk of falling down.

A Bunk Bed for Adults

A bunk bed is a great option for young families living in a studio apartment. This is a very interesting way to organize a single living space of such an apartment. It is easy to successfully divide it into several zones. This piece of furniture will help to highlight the sleeping area. It will endow it with some intimacy. You'll get a zone for relaxing while watching TV or reading a book. Besides, this bed will give the interior originality. A design with such a solution can hardly be called dull or mundane.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Bunk Beds in the World

The main criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a bunk bed:

  • Strength. Massive models are safe for sleep. They do not stagger and demonstrate high stability. If the model has graceful legs, it may be unsafe. It is better to refuse such an option. A child of 6 years often falls asleep with his/her mom.
  • Safety. If the second floor is intended for a child, it must certainly have a restrictive rim at least 30 cm high. The bed shouldn't have sharp corners, protruding bolts, clips. Then children will not get hurt. Stairs to the second tier should have comfortable handrails. The best option will be a ladder that can be attached from different sides of the structure. This will allow adjusting the bed to the specific room parameters. If space allows, it is better to choose a model with drawers under the stairs. This is an additional place to store the child’s things.
  • Practicality. The option that turns into two standard beds will be comfortable and practical.
  • Design. A bunk bed should organically fit into the interior of the bedroom. Avoid bright colors in its design, overly elaborate details and non-standard designs. They may be impractical, unsafe.

Experienced designers think that such constructions have a number of advantages. Choose your perfect bunk bed and enjoy all the pros.

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