Thermaltake Fanless 330 VGA Cooler

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thermaltake-fanless Call me a nerd but I like my coolers. Whether it is a CPU or GPU cooler I get a little excited when buying one. In fact I have spent dozens of hours and probably hundreds over the years tweaking my media PC to be as quiet as possible. One of the hardest things to cool and keep quiet has always been graphics cards, there are just not as many quiet solutions as I would like. You end up in limbo between performance and heat issues.

Thermaltake have just released their Fanless 330 0dBA, the VGA cooler is specially made for hardcore gamers who demand quiet cooling device for their high-end video cards.

It claims to be able to work on nVidia cards up to 9600GT & 8800GT and ATI cards up to HD 3850 Series.

Ok so they are not the top end Graphics Cards but lets be honest you are never going to have a high end silent gaming system.

It is a shame that the Cooler does not work on the ATI HD 4670 as Bit Tech gave this an excellent review and it looks like it would make a great card for a media PC and it uses less power than a BFG Tech GeForce 9600 GT so excessive heat should not be that much of an issue.

Features of this cooler include:

– Completely Silent – Fanless design gives no noise operation
– 3 Heatsink Modules in One – 4 heatpipes & 106 fins make 3 single heatsink modules
and get multiple cooling performance
– Completely Silent – passive fanless design makes no noise but also good cooling effect
– Dual Layer Structure with 3 Heatsink Modules : conducts heat effectively from GPU and
gets more surfaces to dissipate

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