Theme Hospital 2 coming in the form of Two Point Hospital

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While not officially the 2nd game the developers behind Bullfrog's beloved 1997 classic Theme Hospital, Two Point, have announced the development of Two Point Hospital.

Like its predecessor, the design of the game is very light-hearted with comedic ailments and cartoon looking characters.

Many people of my age have fond memories of new 21-year-old Theme Hospital, curing ailments such as Bloaty-Head Syndrome, Slack Tongue and Corrugated Ankles.

An example in Two Point Hospital is Light-Headedness, where your head is replaced by a lightbulb.

The released game images all look very similar, just brought up to date.

Two Point Hospital has two key developers of the original Theme Hospital onboard. It is the first game from new UK indie team Two Point Studios – which was founded by Theme Hospital architects Mark Webley and Gary Carr.

Two Point says mod support is planned for Two Point Hospital shortly after launch, and that online features include competitive challenges.

Sega will be publishing the new game and is due later this year.

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