The Top Online Forex Groups

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A big part of the Forex trading world is the community spirit. Sure, a lot of traders want to keep their secrets to themselves, especially when they’re doing well, but there are perhaps even more people out there who love to share. A whole commercial side of the Forex world has been built around the exchange of information, where people sell strategies, guides, signals, and membership to exclusive groups.

Here are some of the most popular Forex groups that you can join today, for free.

FX Price Action Setups

Members: 101,000+

Price Action, which is a particular strategy in Forex, has captured the imagination of so many traders that this group has grown to be among the biggest FX Facebook groups ever! The group discusses and shares detailed analysis and signals about Forex pairs, gold, and oil. They also look at commodities, metals, volatility indices, binary options, indices, and cryptocurrency. There is an exclusive paid group connected to this one called Forex Champions VIP Signal Room.

Forex Trading for Beginners

Members: 46,000+

As you can guess from the name, this group is targeted at those who are just starting their FX journey and who need to get to grips with all of the technical terms, indicators, tools, chart types, and how to make use of signals. All of the content is free, easy to understand, and nicely explained, despite the relative complexity of the topic in question. Beyond the technicals, they also discuss mindset and controlling emotions in the trading game, how to practice risk management so you don’t get stung, and they walk members through the various different trading techniques to give them a wide berth of knowledge.

The group is connected to a commercial website called Forex Beginners Academy, which offers a free video course for making your first moves in Forex.

Forex Trading Factory

Members: 26,000+

This is another free group that provides an excellent education for those on the path to mastering Forex, but rather than target beginners, it’s aimed at quite competent traders who want to excel further and take their activities more seriously. Members are expected to have at least a basic knowledge of FX in order to take value from the multiple daily posts. Those in the group often enter great discussions about the information gained from the admins, and they can even post their own strategies, offer advice to help others, and share screenshots of market movements when they spot an opportunity.

Forex Trading

Members: 480,000+

The simplicity of this group’s name contrasts completely with the bulk of the content contained within. For about a decade, members in the group have been able to connect, chat, discuss, and help one another. Sadly, like most groups that grow too large, this does lead to a lot of scammers and spam posts, as the admins can’t keep up, however, among the junk are some real gems and high-quality trading information. If you’re looking for quantity over quality, this is the group for you…

FX Enablers

Members: 4,000+

This is one of the best small FX groups out there, with quite an exclusive membership process, a free telegram group, and some of the most highly-rated signals to be found. The admins claim to have 95% correct signals and the best data in 2019 and 2020, though most groups claim to be the best, so it’s important to take that with a pinch of salt.

The group is, in truth, a feeder for the Telegram group, which has twice as many members, and which has proved to be a much more effective platform for traders in all spaces, including crypto and commodities.

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