The Top Grossing Apple Apps of 2021

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If you’re thinking of releasing an app, like the classic slot machines online in the UK, it can be a good idea to look at the tactics of the top-selling apps to see what they are doing right. Who is the best-selling? How did they get there? What’s working? What’s not?

The top grossing Android apps was a list with one productive app and the rest made up of streaming and entertainment. That’s not too surprising, but will Apple’s top grossing apps look the same? Read on for our breakdown of the top-grossing apps of 2021.


It would be expected that YouTube would be high on either an Android or Apple top grossing list, alas, no. In fact, YouTube doesn’t even reach the top 50 on the Android list, and yet it’s Apple’s top selling. Is this vast difference due to the fact that every iPhone comes fitted with the YouTube app already downloaded? Does that prompt people to use it so much that paying for YouTube Premium seems more reasonable?

YouTube offers a subscription service a lot like any other streaming platform. Access YouTube original music and shows, download content for when you have bad Wi-fi, and, crucially, bypass the ads.

Maybe that’s it: Apple users are less tolerable to waiting for the “skip” button to appear?


This one is a little surprising. Not a single dating site shows up on Google Play’s rankings until number 36. Are Android and Google users just not interested in dating? Or are Tinder somehow making less money from their Android users?

Tinder makes money, not through ads, like most apps, but through an optional subscription service called Tinder Gold. It offers users a list of people who have already “swiped right” on them called “Likes You”, greatly streamlining the hookup culture. Suddenly users are guaranteed a match. Is this what iPhone users are buying?


The first of the games on this list, Roblox is an attempt to do better. Unlike other games in app stores, Roblox is not aiming for simplicity.

Looking suspiciously like a mobile alternative to Minecraft, which does in fact have its own mobile application in the Google Store, making it a little surprising that Minecraft doesn’t fare higher.

Minecraft’s more rounded alternative boasts millions of worlds allowing you to do anything you can imagine and become anyone you can imagine. It’s a part of a rare but growing trend of mobile trying to elevate their games to AAA and PC standards.

It appears their secret is their demographic: children. Critics conclude that Roblox also offers a more varied experience, with Minecraft only just holding on due to its stellar reputation, but then, Minecraft didn’t even make it into the top 50 of either lists.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a simple village game surrounded by a thin narrative. Build your village, raise a clan and battle in the Clan Wars. It cleverly simplifies what a console or PC gamer would consider a strategy game, making it accessible to many. You grow your world and resources and have your people fight for you. It’s Civilization for non-gamers.

But it appeals to a need to keep playing and keep growing, with a roster of its own addictive tactics like appealing to collectors, gamers who need the best loot and the biggest castle.


Another streaming service, HBO have been begged to start one since before the days of Game of Thrones. They are working hard to fill the app with HBO originals to back up their vast catalogue of pre-owned media from Warner Brothers.

The cause of their high rise in a top-grossing list is undoubtedly due to the subscription payment method, which many apps push, but few justify. Paying $9.99 for unlimited access to a varied movie and television package is very different from paying $9.99 a month so a sleep app can offer a few more white noise choices.

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