The Talent You Need To Hire To Build Your Website

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Websites consist of images, text, layouts, menus and other functions. Therefore, a multitude of specialisms is required to ensure every aspect is executed to the highest standard. If you want your website to look professional and appeal to the masses, that is!

If you are new to building websites, you might be surprised to learn what is involved. Here is our advice on the talent you need to hire to build your website to tell you everything you need to know.

Web Designers/Developers

Your new website wouldn’t be possible without someone to design it. Web designers create the basic architecture of your website. From pages to menu designs, all of the visual elements and functions stem from their ideas. Hiring a web designer can make a huge difference, especially if you want the finished outcome to look amazing.

While web designers can build your website, sometimes it’s necessary to bring a developer on board too. This especially the case if complex code is involved. Web designers and developers work in tandem to build and test your website. Putting user experience at the forefront of their focus, they will ensure your website not only looks great but is easy to navigate too.


So much focus goes on the design of a website, but without SEO optimised copy, people aren’t going to be able to find it. The exact skill you need to look out for here is a landing page copywriter. Copywriters usually work to a wireframe that specifies a series of H tags (headings of different importance) as well as how much text needs to go underneath them.

As landing pages tend to have shorter copy, the copywriter needs to be succinct while conveying your brand tone within every word that they use. The finished result should be perfectly crafted. All while implementing as many keywords as possible without detracting from the overall readability.

Digital Marketer

Once your amazing new website is up and running, who is going to shout about it? From social media marketing to paid advertising, digital marketing is imperative to any website. You might want to bring in a digital marketer early so that they can collaborate with the copywriter and designers. That way, your SEO will be on point from the start.

Digital marketers also create monthly content to promote their client's products or services. All of this will feed back to your website so that your customers are kept in the loop. They usually work with budgets too, which will cover your advertising costs. This will allow you to push the products that are most relevant, boosting your conversions as a result.

Project Manager

It might seem like overkill but there needs to be someone running the show, especially if the project is large or complex. Some business owners take on the project management themselves. However, project management is quite time consuming so you need to be on the ball with checking in and scheduling progress meetings.

The different talents you employ to create your website are going to run at different speeds. For example, the copywriter might complete everything in a couple of days. The likes of web design and development usually take far longer. Each member of the team needs to possess excellent communication and collaboration, which the project manager will need to oversee.

To Sum Up

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will be your website… if it’s done properly that is! When building a website from scratch, it’s all hands on deck.

From copywriters to web designers, everyone shares a common goal which is to use their expertise to build you the best possible website.

By sharing each of these tasks with the right professionals, the finished result is more likely to be successful.

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