The most convenient applications for reading from the phone

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Owing to the fact that phones have become ubiquitous, almost all tasks of an individual have shifted to this device. Businesses are running wholly through the means of smartphones. Productive tasks and even non-productive leisure activities are now being conducted through these phones only. Most importantly, as the phone is such an important commodity, reading through this small screen is proving highly detrimental to the eyesight, particularly in children. This has led to a quest for tools that can help a smartphone reader for reading books on the phone. It has become much more important than availing essay writing help to look for applications that can make reading on the smartphone feasible. So, here is a list of reading phone apps that can be used by smartphone users:

1.        iBooks

For iPhone users, iBooks is a good app to read all their pdfs, audiobooks and other soft books. Reading books on the phone is now much easier with this application. No wonder students are able to finish their assignments and are able to write essays on the phones only owing to the fact that iBooks makes it easier for them to highlight through their notes and read through them without worrying about the quality. Coupled with the essay help online that students can get today, smartphones have essentially become a one-stop solution for them. Edubirdie provides essay help to make it easier for students to focus on their studies by writing some effective essays. You can trust this service and the professionals who work there.

2.        Amazon Kindle

This is one app that is mostly favoured by all seasoned readers. Kindle is proving to be a boon for all readers who spend all their free time reading whether it is night commute from the office or even in the parks and cafes. This tool has a huge collection of books that can be availed at highly economical rates. Most importantly, the readers can easily purchase books on Amazon, which gets reflected on this app without any additional help. The most important aspect of its popularity is the fact that it is available on both iOS as well as android phones.

3.        Google Play Books

This app particularly caters to all those readers who wish to read books on their phones without going through any hassle of becoming a member. This application is a versatile app for it even makes it easier for students to write their essays and dissertations. Both iOS and Android users can easily enjoy the service of this app. This app is one of the best tools to avail for along with any essay writing service Canada, proving to be a highly practical tool for students. Customize the app according to your preference and download the books you love to read them on the go!

4.        Nook

Barnes & Noble’s Nook allows readers to enjoy books directly from the biggest retailer. It is a free app, which adds to its popularity. Through this app, users can easily access newspapers, magazines and other materials, making it a comprehensive reading app. In addition to this, the app is a great help for all technologically challenged users owing to its interactive interface. In addition to this, the app is available on both iOS as well as android. Nook is allowing readers to enjoy reading irrespective of their locations and enjoy access to a large selection of books as well as PDFs. 

5.        Wattpad

Wattpad is meeting multiple goals for the users by allowing them to write as well as read through materials. Wattpad allows users to enjoy dabbling into the writing arena. Along with this, the online community is able to give the writers feedback on their work along with promoting fellow writers as well. The biggest advantage of this app is that the users can easily sync it with other applications so that they can read from wherever they had left earlier without worrying about bookmarks anymore. Wattpad is catering to both iOS as well as the android users. Free access to a vast collection of books further makes this app incredibly lucrative for any smartphone reader.

6.        Kobo

If you are an avid reader and also like to share your reading progress with your friends and on social media, then this app is the right choice for you. Not only you can get likes and comments on your reading progress, but this app also allows you to form a social community based on your interests in reading and get recommendations for your next read as well as suggestions about the same. The app supports multiple file types making it a universal app for reading phone books. This app is proving to be a good option to encourage your reading habits while enjoying a social circle based on the same.

With the increasing contingency of smartphone readers, reading phone books is now a common activity. Notably, the apps mentioned above make this task much easier, allowing readers to enjoy the pleasures of reading no matter where they are. Books have always been an incredible friend for readers, but with the advent of smartphones, readers are now able to carry entire libraries along with them right in their pockets!