The Increasing Dominance of Mobile Gaming

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Meta description: More people downloaded gaming apps than any other type of app in 2019, making the smartphone the new gamers’ weapon.

Mobile gaming is proving to be the unstoppable force of the gaming industry. A recent report has found that most money spent on app stores was used to purchase mobile games.

Last year, over £60 billion was used to buy mobile games. To put that into perspective, more money was spent on mobile games that the rest of the flourishing gaming industry together. This figure represented more than 70% of all money spent at app stores.

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A New Business Model Helps Mobile Gaming

The reason for mobile gaming's dominance is not just because we use our smartphones; more or mobile games are getting better. It is also because the business model of buying gaming apps has changed. Once upon a time, games were paid for upfront, and then the gamer would get to enjoy – or maybe dislike – the game.

Nowadays, gamers download free versions of the game which they can try, and then make in-app purchases or download the full version of the game. This may be a better marketing strategy and convincing more people to play mobile games. When players can try games before they buy, or unlock further parts of games they are playing. There is more trust from the gaming consumer as they have already experienced the game in part.

The Typical Gamer Has Changed

Another reason why mobile gaming is so dominant is that the stereotypical gamer has changed. The average age of the typical player is now above 30 years old – not just teens in their bedrooms!

Moreover, more women are now gaming too. This is especially true when it comes to playing at online casinos. Many casinos have started marketing to women and even exclusively to women. Overall, gaming is no longer an activity typically enjoyed by a niche demographic. The demographic of gaming has changed and helped mobile gaming rise to dominance.

The Future of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming may already be scooping up the gaming market, but it could be about to get even better. The introduction of 5G smartphones and 5G wireless internet across cities, dubbed smart cities, may enhance the mobile gaming experience further. With faster internet, mobile game developers could create better games and attract even more smartphone owners to play mobile games.

This, along with potential improvements to augmented reality games like the successful Pokémon Go game and virtual reality, may catapult mobile gaming into further dominance in the future.

Although mobile gaming may remain successful, some other emerging niches of gaming could challenge it. The most notable is eGaming and eSports. These activities are surging in interest lately, and they imitate sports with packed-out gaming stadiums.

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