Home automation is helping the environment, as energy efficiency in smart homes is not just a necessity for new generations looking to improve their quality of life. This is something that also takes into account the company BI Tecnology through its different machines, thus contributing to the well-being of the planet through savings in consumption within households.

The importance of recycling within a home

International Recycling Day will be celebrated around the world on 17 May, a date that seeks to make society aware of the importance of properly separating and disposing of waste.

It is a simple habit that is becoming more and more pervasive in the society with which we protect resources (and the planet) to future generations and with which we also help to stop climate change, one of the major challenges facing humanity.

If you are one of the people who care about recycling, you will already know the benefits of this practice so important for the environment. But if for one reason or another you have not yet encouraged, we leave some data for you to think about.

For example, did you know that if we recycle eight boxes of cereal, you can create a book? , That recycling 50 plastic bottles makes a fleece lining? , and for every 6 cans or plastic bottles we recycle, do we counteract the 10-minute contamination of a tailpipe?

We can say that last year in Spain it was possible to recycle about 1,453,123 tons of packaging, placing the recycling rate of packaging at 78.8% (compared to 65% required by the European Union by 2025).

More importantly, these figures helped to prevent the emission of 1.6 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, roughly the equivalent of 8,200 flights between Madrid and the Canary Islands, saving 20.3 million m3 of water and 1.45 million tonnes of raw materials.

Machines created for recycling

Recovery and recycling are developing rapidly, especially in the recovery of plastics, rubber and synthetic resins derived from the production of plastics.

Today there are machines such as Vibrating Sieves used by home builders.

For example, technology has become, without a doubt, one of the main engines in the creation of more efficient products that contribute to the improvement of companies in the different sectors, in this case in the construction sector, providing various functions, developing and implementing all its activities as quickly and efficiently as possible, such as recycling.

Whether you’re a long time recycler or it’s in your head to do it as soon as possible, there are devices that can make your task easier and cleaner, so check out these gadgets that will help you recycle in your home.

The best gadgets to recycle

Bags for three recycled

Instead of cubes, which take up a lot of space in small spaces, this option is one of the most in demand today.

These are three bags made of semi-rigid polypropylene and have three different containers, blue for paper collection, green for glass and yellow for packaging. It has a capacity for 110 liters.

Gadgets for recycling batteries

Batteries are one of the most polluting elements in existence today. So if you don’t want to keep them loose at home until you get them to the recycling point, this bucket allows you to store them and check, too, if they’re worn out.

This tool is available for AA, AAA, C and D batteries.


Called R.I.D (Recycling Identification Device), this small device uses a technology based on near-infrared spectroscopy that emits an invisible light to an object. As each material absorbs different wavelengths of light, this allows the gadget to identify what each container is made of and thus inform the user how it should be recycled.

As you can see today it’s much easier to think about the environment, whether living in a home automation, using machines that vibrate and eliminate small waste and as an end point, when using gadgets and accessories that help us recycle.