The Gadgets That Take Gaming Into The Future

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When it comes to gaming of any kind, gadgets are always developing and becoming more available to a wider audience. As with any device, there are some however, that will help gaming advance and some that will, unfortunately, end up gathering dust in draws and attics. 

The gadgets on this list are a mixture of old and new. But one thing’s for sure, they are the ones taking gaming into the future. 


The idea of smartphones goes way back to the 1970s. But it wasn’t until the early 1990s that a working phone mixed with a computer to develop the early smartphone, as this website proves. Fast forward 30 years and the smartphone is the height of any piece of technology out there. We can email, buy clothes, take high-quality photos and, of course, call people all from this tiny gadget in our hands. That’s how long-lasting and advanced smartphones are. 

And it’s also why it’s a gadget that’s bringing gaming forward. Using these pieces of tech, we can download apps that allow us to play pretty much whatever we want. All with the press of a finger. 

The hyperrealism of the graphics and gameplay let us enter sites that take us to new, amazing worlds. They even replicate real-life scenarios where we can enter new realms that give us the chance to build homes and discover weird creatures. Alternatively, there are plenty of options where we can use our phones to do things like find true-to-life casino gaming experiences, like this link here proves. We can even take part in a realistic style TV game show if we wanted to. Whatever we choose to play on our phones, the lifelike aspect of gameplay will just keep on developing and evolving.  

Virtual Reality (VR)

For those that want to take the realism of smartphone games to the next step, virtual reality is for you. It is a fully immersive experience that carries the user to a new world all through a video game. VR can be used for education and training, and even transports people to art galleries around the planet, as the article here shows. However, it’s the gaming realm where this type of tech really comes alive. 

Gamers can do anything from becoming their favourite TV character, where they find themselves on a space adventure, to taking part in an epic voyage in an action-adventure survival game. As VR grows in popularity, it is becoming a dominant choice for people to be involved in full gameplay, making it a durable and ongoing gadget for the future. 

Handheld Consoles

At some point, every avid gamer will have owned a Gameboy. However, today, despite its popularity, many other types of handheld game consoles are now taking over. The Nintendo Switch, for example, allows players not only play without cables but also lets gamers connect to the internet and play with people around the world. 

For these reasons alone, handheld consoles are easily a gadget that will continue to be used by gamers in both the near and distant future. And it’s exciting to see what they will evolve into in terms of tech development. 

From smartphones, virtual reality and even handheld consoles, it’s clear to see we have come a long way since the stick and hoop. And these pieces of tech will keep our gaming spirit going way into the future. 

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