Some people still consider that you can only use Alexa efficiently only if you have a smart home or a smart car. This statement is very far from the truth. One can use Alexa in many different ways, starting from asking for recommendations to giving small tasks Alexa can do it all and serve you as an assistant you need. However, there are some most popular and best ways to use Alexa below.

Google for me

One of the best ways is to use Alexa as your work assistance. It is convenient to use for everyone that is spending a lot of time on their laptop. Usually, when writing something, coding or simply working on everyday tasks people use Google and have multiple tabs open for themselves to do some research or find the information they need for the work. It can be really inconvenient to jump from one tab to another and search for something. Alexa can do it for you. You can simply ask her what are you interested in and Alexa will find this information for you without you doing anything but giving her an order. It has helped me on multiple occasions when I had my hands on my website This small assistance is so convenient you will never want to work without Alexa.

Plan your next trip in minutes

We all love vacations but only a few enjoy doing the planning all by themselves. You need to check the hotels or hostels and find the best deals you can get there. Plan your entertainment and check the price of the tickets. Find nearby activities at your next trip destination and see what are they offering and how much do they cost. See what are the best restaurants in there to plan your evenings ahead and of course, plan how you will get there. If you want to plan and budget through it might take you hours to make research and gather all of this information. But with Alexa, it only takes a couple of minutes to ask and receive answers. Alexa can find all the information for you and do it in a very comfortable way. You can check it while you are doing your daily activities and do not spend too much time on it.

Cook with Alexa

If you love cooking Alexa can be your best friend. You can use Alexa to find interesting recipes for you, it will also help you convert different measures that you will find in the recipe, simply ask how many tablespoons are in half cap and cook with confidence. You can also ask Alexa to play some videos or music while you are cooking as it is more fun to cook with some music or an interesting show. Last but not least, it can set a timer for you so you will not forget your dessert fillings in the fridge for a longer time or won’t burn your cake in the oven.

Get fit with a personal coach

Let’s be honest here, most of us would love to start working out but the idea seems better than the actual process. We are often lazy to go to the gym or have a small workout session at home. If you prefer to workout at home you might find it hard to find the right workouts and check the videos to see if you are doing it right or not. Moreover, once you take your phone to see one video it might end up you bing watching something else or scrolling your news feed. Alexa can help you to avoid casualties and serves as a coach for the 7-minute workout program and tells you what do you have to do.

Check what's happening in the world

In old times you would sit in the morning with a cup of coffee and a fresh newspaper to check what is happening in the world. Now you need to find the news on the internet which takes your time to search for what are you interested in and of course to read. Instead of doing it this way you can ask Alexa for flash briefing. You can customize it as you want, are you interested in politics, technologies, do you want to know how the stock prices changed? You can set your preferences and Alexa will let you know what’s new in the industries you are interested in. Enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning with the information you want to know.

Alexa has many more interesting skills and features you can use, but these ones are for those who want to get rid of the small chores and make their everyday life easier. Use Alexa while you are working, get fit with the help of it and ask for the healthy recipes to cook at home. Stay updated with news and plan your next vacation with Alexa in minutes.

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