The Best Facebook Messenger Courses For ManyChat in 2019

We are living in a world where so many things are available in an instant, and so much of what we do requires much more effort than it used to. We can drive through a takeaway or coffee outlet and satisfy our basic needs without even getting out of the car – and just about everything else can be bought with a few clicks of a keyboard. Heck, you can even sit on your sofa and bark out instructions to an automated voice ‘helper’ which can call numbers on your phone, close the drapes, or do a number of other things!

Automation and the business world

It’s not just our personal and domestic lives which are subject to this twenty-first century way of life though – it’s much the same in the world of online business. Take social media or general commerce-based sites as a good example – to meet the need for instant responses people want (and often expect), developers have created clever bots who can act as a kind of preliminary live chat host.

They may display the most frequently asked questions for viewers to choose between – providing an instant answer which is invaluable for boosting consumer confidence in a brand. Other bots could request feedback on the browser’s experience, or provide further options for someone to take. Some even invite readers to submit their email address for future updates.

Let’s look in detail at one good example of this – ManyChat.

What is ManyChat?

Basically, ManyChat is Facebook’s Messenger bot, an option those with Facebook pages, (usually set up for business purposes), can make use of. As it has become seriously popular it’s not something any Facebook using business owner can really afford to ignore – but what about those who simply don’t have the technical knowledge to simply pick this kind of thing up and run with it? Well, the good news is that they don’t need to worry as there are lots of online courses around which are designed to teach total beginners how to make the best use of this option.

The question is, which of these are the best ManyChat Course?

Some of the best courses for learning about Facebook’s ManyChat Messenger course in 2019


This well established online learning portal offers the course ‘Facebook ChatBot Marketing: The Smart Way to Use ManyChat’ for around $70, but there are frequent promotions which may reduce the fee to around $15. The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and includes a video tutorial and written information, plus a certificate acknowledging your attendance on the course.

During this course you learn things like how to build a chatbot, the correct strategy to adopt, tips on getting more ROI, and on how to better engage both potential and urgent customers, and how to create useful automated message sequences.

This is a great course for anyone new to the world of chatbots, or those in need of a confidence booster, and it should help you improve engagement and drive sales. All you need to do is have a Facebook page and to pay the course fee.

Smart Bot Marketers

This company offers a marketing course which covers the ManyChat Messenger. The tutor has a vast amount of experience in the field of automation programming, so is the perfect person to clue you in on what you need to know about what is tipped to be THE biggest thing in 2019. As the marketing material points out – you cannot afford to ignore what is an incredibly useful way to interact with current and potential customers.

The course content covers all key points, including:

• how to set up a ManyChat greetings message

• how to message and tag people

• the differences between buttons and quick replies

• how to add a GIF to a ManyChat message

Smart Bot Marketers offer information on creating a chatbot which is actually successful, rather than annoying which the spam like bots can be.

This is a completely free video resource from the actual designers of the ManyChat bot app, which is delivered by experts in the field, including Dan Gamito (ManyChat’s own Head of Growth), and Molly Pittman from Perpetual Traffic.

The makers of this course are very confident that anyone who completes it will have fast track access to what is going to be the next big thing in online marketing. The course will equip you to build your business by properly [expertly] using Facebook – perhaps alongside other opportunities, to build a strong following.

The free course covers:

• how to use the various tools ManyChat offers to find and then grow your audience

• how to build a chatbot which users will actively engage with, as it answers their questions and helps sell your service or product.

• ways to build sequences which will provide a more personalized experience for users (based on information drawn from their profiles and interactions.)

• how to deliver modern marketing methods while remaining compliant with Facebook’s terms and conditions.

• the way this flexible marketing tool can be adapted to suit every type of business.

• tips for more experienced ManyChat users on how to create advanced funnels such as coupon codes, quizzes and more.

• the secrets of sending direct messages to subscribers which are between 200 – 1000% more likely to lead to click through and action than traditional emails are.

Getting both comfortable with and good at using this bot option on Facebook will give you a huge advantage over competitors who have chosen not to get familiar with the changing face of technology.

There are so many decent resources around which are readily available for anyone who wants to learn more about how ManyChat works. It’s 2019, to decades into the 21st century – which mean it’s time to be more aware of the changing face of marketing, or risk being left behind. With courses aimed at all budgets and skill levels there really are no excuses.

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