Technology has really changed the way that we live, right? It has changed the way that we read the news, the way that we socialise and even the way that we entertain ourselves. What would we do without streaming services now – particularly as we’ve found ourselves locked down due to the Covid 19 outbreak in recent weeks.

Speaking of which, the kids are off school at current, and chances are they’re going to be bored, right? We know they say they hate school, but they thrive off having a routine, and with the Easter holidays commencing two weeks earlier than expected – with the added pressure of not being able to go anywhere – you may have found yourself running out of ideas to keep them occupied.

Luckily, we’re here with some great app suggestions for you to download on your smartphone for your kids, so sit back, relax, and let us do the work.

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  1. Art my Kid Made / Colour and Draw for Kids

Running out of creative steam and room on your walls and fridge for all of the drawings your children have done over the years? Why not download the app “Art my Kid Made”!

This is free for iPhone, and there is an alternative for Android called “Colour and Draw for Kids” which costs 69p, so whatever phone you have – or tablet your kids have if they’re lucky enough – you should be able to download an app of this type to help to keep them entertained.

They are both slightly different. Whereas “Art my Kid Made” focuses around capturing and storing photos of real life artworks, “Colour and Draw for Kids” is an app that’s part-drawing, and part digital colouring book, so whichever you feel your children would prefer, there’s absolutely something for them!

The great thing about these apps, in comparison to doing real-life drawings etc, is that they’re mess free, and ultimately important at the moment, they’re germ free too. This way you can share virtual drawings and pictures with family and friends, without having to come into contact with them. What a great way to keep all the family up to date with your child’s progress, don’t you think?

My A-Z / Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication

It’s great to be fun and creative, and this time off school can be a great opportunity to relax and revitalise, but it would be a shame to let the schoolwork side of things slip, wouldn’t it? This is why downloading educational apps is a great idea. It brings the fun into home schooling!

For English, we would recommend downloading “My A-Z”. This app is specifically for iPhone and iPad, and although there are many similar for free (this one costs £1.49), this one stood out to us for the reason that it can be personalised. Kids can add their own photographs onto this app, and personalise sounds that represent letters. For example their own cat could represent “cat” etc.

For maths, we love “Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication”. This one is available on both iPhone/iPad and Android, and costs a mere 69p. This app was developed in the United Kingdom, and is aimed specifically at children between the ages of five and eleven – so primary school age. In this game, players must answer multiplication questions – as the name suggests. When right, players will earn stars which help them to free cute animals (great for the fur baby lovers!) from the “Maths monster”. You can keep up to four games going on this at any given time.

Of course, for families with special-needs children it might be a little more difficult to find apps suited to them. However, we have found autism apps for kids – for example “Dino Tim” is a great alternative to other Mathematics apps, as it offers a simpler way of teaching. There is something for every family, and every child out there.

Rockford’s Rock Opera

Last of all, but by no means least, we come to possibly our favourite app of them all, with “Rockford’s Rock Opera”.

This one is a bit of fun, that also encourages kids to read and sing. It’s a virtual story book / musical, and will be great fun for all the family. You could even learn the songs together!

The first part is free, and parts two, three and four are available to buy. It’s a fun and interactive app that all of the family can enjoy together – so what’s not to love?