The Best Apps for Sports Fans

Smartphones make everything in our lives easier, including keeping up with the latest scores and updates from the world of sport. No matter what sport you’re into, from football and cricket to basketball and tennis, there are plenty of apps to choose from to keep you in the loop at all times. Packed with up to date news, game schedules, videos and pictures, statistics like Timeform, plus many other features, these are some of the best apps sports fans need to have on their phones.


ESPN is one of the leading sports media companies in the world so it stands to reason that their app will also be incredible. It provides you with the latest information, including live scores and breaking news, to expert analysis and the option for a personalised sports feed that only shows you information about the activities and players you care about.


Cricket fans will love the features that Cricbuzz delivers, from batting maps and live news to live stats and an aggregator that showcases the latest tweets from major cricket experts. There are also player profiles and team rankings, as well as news and editorials to read up on in between games and competitions. It’s an easy to use app that has a clean interface and better yet, it’s free to use.


Fanatix is a similar app to Vine except it’s for sport videos exclusively. It allows fans to upload eight-second-long clips, so you can search for each and every sport event and relive the best bits. It’s a great app for a bit of fun and for enjoying a spot of nostalgia for those sporting moments that need to be seen to be believed.

Stats Zone

With Stats Zone, fans can keep up to date with the live stats of each game as it unfolds. From player comparisons to pass maps and live tables with all of the latest team news, this app will have any sports fan clued up on the latest happenings with their favourite teams.


This user-friendly app is available on both iOS and Android and is ideal for staying up to date on the go. There’s a sports calendar feature that’s perfect for knowing when the next game is taking place, as well as live scoring options and the ability to maintain over 150 news articles each day. The Eurosport app also has web chats with players and live text commentaries on games, with coverage of the top leagues, tournaments and sporting competitions.

FIFA Official

The features on the FIFA Official app have been created with users in mind, so everything is easy to use and intuitive. Fans will be kept updated with the live scores from games around the world, as well as breaking news, exclusive videos, interviews and photos from the official FIFA site. Football fans won’t be disappointed by this app and it makes for a reliable way of staying clued up on the latest coverage of the competition.

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