The 80s game that has stood the test of time

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Some players lived through the 80s, whilst others can only dream of what it was like, yet there is one thing from the decade itself that is still as big of a hit today as when it first hit the shelves. The mighty Rubik’s Cube!

This iconic gaming cube was invented in 1974, by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Erno Rubik. The Rubik’s Cube won German Game of the Year in 1980 and is the world’s best-selling puzzle game, as well as bestselling toy of all time!

With the growth of popularity over the years, there have been various new versions of the puzzle created, as well as even smaller cubes created to get children into the retro game as well as oversized cubes and shapes too.

Not everyone has managed to complete a Rubik’s cube. So, some people decide to play online Slots that are both dedicated and inspired by the nostalgic game, to hopefully still get that winning feeling. Read on to find out how you can get your own slice of the action, without having to face the coloured cube.

Rubik’s Cube Slots game

Giving players a throwback to the decade where it all began for the mighty cube, the Rubik’s Cube slot game is a nod to the past with a modern twist, with the aim of the main game to match the coloured squares whist setting your sights on unlocking free bonus game features.

Comprised of different coloured symbols, including 9, 10, J, Q, K and A playing cards, as well as classic-coloured squares with colours representing a different value, with red being the highest, followed by blue, green, orange, yellow and finally white. With a twist and turn of the virtual cube, symbols are revealed within reels two, three and four. If colours are matching in the same position within the Rubik’s Cube, symbols turn wild! On reels one and five, the Rubik’s Cube symbols act as a scatter. If the scatter symbol lands simultaneously on reels one and five, the free games bonus feature activates!

Playing on 25 different paylines with a chance of winning a maximum of 1,663x your bet, step back in time to play this retro-inspired slot game today!

Rubik’s Riches

Designed to bring the past into the 21st century, with a modern twist, this game leaves behind the never-ending rollercoaster of failed attempts and frustration, to get all the colours squares grouped together and aligned. Instead, Rubik’s Riches presents a much easier way for players to defeat the Rubik’s Cube with a truly unique design and win plenty of bonuses.

Designers of the game have made sure Rubik’s Riches is easy to solve, unlike the Rubik’s Cube itself, with a simple betting structure and wagering limits starting as low as 10p. If you manage to align the colours correctly, players can start banking prizes and chip away at the £400,000 jackpot.

Unlike the traditional Slots games, Rubik’s Riches isn’t a five-reel game. Once players enter their bet and hit the “play” button, the Rubik’s Cube will move like a traditional physical Rubik’s Cube, turning all the colours as they go. Once the cube stops, if you match a single line of colours, you win a prize. If you match two lines, the prize is increased. The more lines you complete, the more you’ll win! If you create the winning combination of all 18 lines, say hello to a lot of dollar in your pocket! If completing all 18 lines wasn’t enough, there are also prizes up for grabs if you match colours on one, two or three of the faces of the Rubik’s Cube. What’s more, if at any point during gameplay you see the Rubik’s Riches logo light up, players will win a bundle of free turns.


So, what are you waiting for, revisit an old-school classic with a modern twist today!

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