Technology has penetrated every aspect of our modern life. From learning and education to entertainment to shopping and banking to serious occupations like war and battlefields, technology changed the way we live and die. But few facets of our modern life experienced the biggest change like the shopping.

Technology in the past two decades practically revolutionized shopping experience. Though mobile and handheld devices have been in the centre of this change, there have been lots of developments like the wearable, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence beacons and other localization technologies.

Let us have look at the latest technologies that are transforming the shopping experience.

  1. Wearable

Wearable devices like the Smart watch, smart glasses, smart bands, smart shoes are increasingly pushing the boundary if innovation. The innovative way of browsing, buying, reviewing and interacting with goods offered by the smart wearable devices is paving a new approach to shopping whether online or on brick and mortar stores.

Wearable allows buyers to stay constantly in touch with the products and their brands. From being notified about the new arrivals and promotions right on their wrist held devices to allowing paying for the purchased through simple taps of voice command to their wearable devices, they are steps ahead in smart shopping experience.

  1. Beacons

If you have not been hidden in a cave all these years you must have heard about beacons which are a little button shaped devices with powerful location sensing sensors that can send push notification to any buyer with the respective business app in their device as and when they pass nearby the store. Suppose, you are passing nearby a furniture store where sofa sale is going on and you have visited their web page few days back enquiring about sofa and living room furniture. Now when passing nearby the store the beacon sending your location sends you a offer. Beacon allows real time scope to come to contact with customers ending up garnering enhance shop footfall and better exposure. If a business needs exposure and customer interaction, they no longer just can shy away from localization technologies and beacon is one of the forefront local technologies.

  1. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

As machines are getting smarter by learning from human interactions and behavior over time, today often unknowingly we see machine learning is at work across various facets of life. In the same manner artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a common element in the modern machines and interfaces. These two emerging technologies are also influencing business interactions and shopping in more ways than one.

With real time feedback from the sensors and data fetched from online interactions, the buying habits and typical preferences can be utilized for buyers who frequently visit or buy. Robust data driven analytics is further helping machines to learn and decipher the insights faster.

  1. Augmented reality

Augmented reality is another major development in the recent years that pushed the boundary of the limit of our interactions. With augmented reality your in-store shopping experience can have a big push. Browsing products on the store shelf while magnifying the same products through the store app on your handheld device or grabbing real time details of s product you are browsing or an app helping you to find the products in a store are all blurring the division between reality and life.

  1. Virtual reality

Retail stores offering a complete shop like interface, real estate companies allowing you to see a property with real life experiences of passing through the rooms and soaking the surrounding ambience, are all examples of how virtual reality can make shopping experience better and can literally postpone the constraints and challenges on their track. With virtual reality in shopping apps, customers can experience a highly simulated real store shopping experience right in their handheld devices.

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