How Technology Can Make Booking a Private Jet Easier

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In the past, only the elite had access to private jet travel. These days, however, it is possible for more and more people to charter a private flight. The reason? Technology. We’re going to look at some of the ways that tech is making a difference to this sector and show how booking a private flight is easier than ever.

Checking Prices

It seems that there’s an app for everything. And even if the private jet company you would like to use doesn’t have an app, you can still usually check prices online. Thanks to the internet you can be in touch with a private jet charter company and get a quote very quickly. This allows you to compare prices and make that all-important decision about whether a private jet booking is worth it for you.

Empty Leg Savings

Empty leg flights are flights where the time of departure, the departure airport and the destination airport are all pre-defined. Empty legs can offer you the best value when it comes to flying by private jet, which is why they are well worth taking advantage of. If you are interested in booking an empty leg flight, the best place to start is by reading more on the subject or downloading an app which will notify you of deals and opportunities.

One Ways

Another cost-saving option is to choose a ‘one way’, which is a jet available to charter near you within a specified time window. You can then take this aircraft anywhere that you need to go. And again, it is thanks to mobile technology that you can stay abreast of this type of opportunity.

New Jet Aircraft Technology

Another way that technology is making it easier to book private flights is thanks to the jets themselves. Aircraft like the Challenger 350 from Bombardier are able to take off and land at just about any airport in the world. This makes it possible for you to book an intercontinental flight departing from your local airport. What’s more, jets like the Challenger 350 have lower operating costs and require less servicing than previous models, and these savings can be passed on to you.

Constant Innovation

Tech in the travel industry is constantly being updated, and it’s possible to stay abreast of these changes by following news stories online and attending conferences. The trend is towards a more interactive style of booking, with companies offering everything from online cost calculators to multilingual support. All of this means that booking a private jet really is easier than ever.

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