How Has Technology Bolstered the Private Jet Industry?

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The private jet industry is taking off. Last year it grew by 4% across Europe, with London being the busiest city. It isn’t hard to understand the appeal behind a private jet experience: no queueing at the airport, lots of legroom and no lost luggage. The demand for private jets is growing, so how are technologies keeping up with it?


The world is WiFI dependent. It wasn’t too long ago where no phones were permitted on board. Airplane didn’t even exist. Whereas now most commercial lines are offering free WiFi to their passengers. Of course, the private industry has to keep up with this and make it better. Private charters, such as Chapman Freeborn, offer high-speed, reliable internet connections throughout their flights.

Cabin Comforts

Moving beyond a good WIFI connection, there are many technological advances that are bolstering the private jet industry. The walls can be sound-proofed, creating a quieter cabin. Skylights can be installed on board to create the perfect lighting. Planes are being made larger to accommodate ovens and huge coffee makers. People can get as many luxuries in the air, as they can on the ground.


Of course it’s not just passengers the new technology is helping, but also the pilots. Thanks to new technology such as touch-screen controls and glass cockpits, the act of designing and flying a plane is much more intuitive. The design process takes the pilot’s experience into consideration and works to make their job easier. Also thanks to developing technology, pilots can be notified of potential turbulence earlier and act accordingly, making a smoother ride for an involved. Plus private jet engines can now get customers faster than ever.

Going Green

Thanks to the use of technology, private charters are able to start looking into how to make air travel greener. As already stated there is an increasing amount of people using airplane travel. This makes for lots of carbon footprints stamping the planet. As a result, there is a real need to make flying less damaging for the environment. By relying less on fuel and more on environmentally-friendly engines and batteries technology can make private charters greener.

Future Potential

The aviation industry has gone from strength to strength over the years, and there is so much potential for more. Hot tubs, holographs, thin screen and no touch flushes. The private industry will most likely be the first to invest in such things, and get even more people on board.

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