Technologies Expected to Innovate Online Gambling

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One of the fastest-growing trends of the past decade or so is without a doubt online gambling. The situation caused by the recent pandemic only acted as fertilizer for that growth and thus the Google searches for online casinos were at an all-time high. However, trends come and go, and if you don’t put in the work to stay relevant and adapt to the new hype, you will likely suffer financial losses. As a result, big players in this industry are ready to innovate and willing to go above and beyond in order to provide a superior user experience.

When it comes to online gambling, it is known for its massive user base. In other words, we are likely to see some of these innovations, as the providers want to gauge user reaction. Here we will talk about the tech that will likely be implemented for improving the online gambling experience.

What Changed

Obviously, the industry already went through a lot of changes and innovations. Today it is pretty standard for online gambling platforms to have a mobile app or at least for the site to be mobile-friendly. They are also constantly improving their payment method options and thereby expanding the potential user base, and there is also a lot of innovation in terms of aesthetics and themes for online slots. If you combine this with an aggressive marketing campaign, great user incentives, and a solid affiliate program, you get a really rapid expansion and user acquisition.

Of course, this form of entertainment is in high demand, so governments could no longer overlook this revenue potential, and decided to loosen up some restrictions, but at the same time heavily regulate the industry. This also meant that a lot of stock investors are not looking at the iGaming sector as a judicious investment, and with new innovations on the horizon they will likely be right. So here’s what we can expect in the future.

VR Casinos

The fact that you can play online or on your mobile device has become a standard nowadays, or it’s no longer regarded as innovation. In fact, not having those features just makes you a less desirable provider. In order to get the competitive edge a lot of gambling parlors are looking to improve in different fields like payment efficiency. So, they are competing who will be the fastest withdrawal online casino platform or a platform that accepts as many currencies as possible including crypto. However, allowing users to withdraw their winning in a fast and efficient way, might not be a selling pitch that will generate hype for too long, which is why VR is potentially the next big selling point.

One thing online casinos struggle with is how to make the whole player experience more authentic. So they added a feature called live dealer, where you can use video to make some of the table games feel more immersive and engaging. With VR the whole virtual casino can be created, where a player will go through digital hallways and rooms, and even sit at the virtual roulette table or slot machine.   

More Security

Focusing on better security is always going to be beneficial for any business that relies on tech. One of the main concerns for new users, when they are about to join a new casino, is safety. One of the reasons why online casinos are popular is because users can see the reviews and be certain whether the platform is legit and a safe place to play. Adding extra layers of protection that can keep sensitive information safe, is going to help casinos get more users and investors.


These are some of the fields that online casinos are looking to innovate in, but it definitely does not stop there. After all, we rely on blockchain technology more nowadays so it’s also possible to create some completely unique and new luck-based games using blockchain or improve the existing ones. For example, progressive jackpots for certain slot games might have a bigger connection by implementing blockchain, so the jackpots might increase faster and be available to more potential winners. 

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