Developments in technology have impacted on all of our lives – right through from the way we interact with each other every day to the way we do our shopping, pay our bills and look for jobs.

Our workplaces, too, are probably unrecognisable from just a couple of decades ago – with industries building up around the latest technological advancements and those developments, in turn, changing the way we conduct business, hold meetings and the sort of services we provide.

The impact of technology hasn’t stopped there, however. Technology is not only driving innovation in business, it’s also playing a role in making it safer. Here’s three ways in which that is the case:


Since first being introduced in the 1970s security cameras have become a vital part of the armoury for any business. Particularly vital for retail, cameras also protect offices, warehouses and anywhere housing expensive equipment. Over time the images recorded on CCTV cameras have become much sharper, acting as a big deterrent against would-be thieves and helping to catch culprits to recover any lost stock.

When linked to an effective alarm system they can make life much harder for would-be intruders – alerting business owners at the earliest possible opportunity and connecting directly with the emergency services to ensure the swift response to any situation.


Driving and logistics can be a pretty vulnerable part of any business. The sorts of large vehicles that transport goods around for any firm are, by their very nature, tricky to handle and a big lorry, for example, has a large ‘blind spot’ that puts the driver at risk of collision with small vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

That’s where technology is coming in. Increasingly such vehicles are able to use a series of cameras to provide a 360-degree image for the driver that eliminates the blind spot completely, reducing crashes while on the road and making such potentially-cumbersome vehicles easier to park and manoeuvre into tight spots – protecting the driver and the cargo. Check out to see how this technology works.


Technology connects us all together and that has a big benefit from a safety perspective too. Whether it is the swift communication of a potential hazard to hundreds of staff through a quick email or a lone employee being able to contact their line manager through a mobile phone it’s now much more easier for staff to be in contact in case of an issue and, for that issue to be addressed. The safety message can be delivered often and in a number of different ways in a swift and cost-effective manner thanks to technology.

That’s vital in a vast organisation, where matters can be directly raised via email with the person responsible, especially since that’s often someone working from a different site completely.

Drivers can also connect their phone to their in-car systems using Bluetooth technology, making it much safer to make and receive calls on the go – a vital aspect for someone who cannot avoid the need to stay in contact at all times.


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