Last updated on May 23rd, 2019 at 03:45 pm

Whilst there are still those out there who are hesitant and even resistant new technologies into their everyday lives, the vast majority of us have welcomed the various advancements in tech.

These developments have quite literally helped change the way in which we live, work, communicate, shop, seek out assistance, book, cook and travel.

For gamers it’s these innovative developments in the gaming realm that have not only improved the way in which games are now put together but also how we actually play and interact with them. Certain online bingo comparison sites such as Boomtown are an example of that, with more ways than every to enjoy their favourite games on the go.

Comparatively speaking the world of gaming is still quite new when compared to many other leading forms of media and entertainment.

The gaming industry is an incredibly rich and diverse market which continuously strives to push boundaries and develop in new and exciting ways, and when you think back just a decade of two ago these develops and concepts simply seem like something from science fiction. Amazingly however technology has managed to reclassify how we deal with gaming and certain breakthroughs have completely changed the devices and platforms we now enjoy playing games on.

Wireless technology meant that we would no longer have to worry about tripping over wayward wires or spending time detangling. Motion sensors and more advanced controllers now meant that we could get more involved physically in our gameplay. Improved sound-based technology, reactive gaming chairs and faster broadband and other connection speeds had seen gaming evolve at an alarming rate. With each becoming one step closer to a more immersive and realistic gaming experience.

So when smartphones and other mobile-based devices became more and more popular it seemed like the ideal platform to help expand the gaming market even further. Smartphones, tablets and smartwatches all now have the ability to offer gaming on-the-go. With popular business models such as freemium play and other in-game purchasing options it’s no surprise to see just how incredibly successful and money-spinning the mobile gaming market has proved to be.

What’s more is that it’s simplicity and built-in gaming options have been open to an entirely new audience of potential gamers of all ages, some of which have never even experienced digital-based gaming in the past. Now online players can simply pick up their smart device and begin gaming in seconds with just a few taps or swipes meaning that new online bingo sites and virtual casinos for example can really push their services to a much wider reaching audience.

Now we are very swiftly moving into an age of more immersive and reactionary technology when it comes to gaming. Virtual reality is a concept that has been kicked around for decades but only now is it finally finding a place in the market and only bigger and better things can come of it. Not to mention the emerging aspect of augmented reality which was prominent in the hugely successful release of ‘Pokemon Go’ is also one of the hottest new technologies currently seeing major developments and one which will greatly benefit the gaming world.