Microsoft Kin : Project “Pink” incoming

We spoke a month or so ago and got a little bit excited about the prospect of a Microsoft Zune phone which I was hoping was going to be a true iPhone beater sporting the new Windows Mobile 7. Originally the rumours were flying about that the phone development was called project “Pink”. Well Microsoft … Read more

ZUNE PHONE : Microsoft’s iPhone killer?

Quite possibly the best thing i’ve heard this year and if it’s true i may actually wet myself. The Zune is Microsoft’s answer to the iPod. Despite the Americans getting every version we here in the UK seem to keep missing out on the PMP. Now it’s rumoured(quite strongly) that Microsoft will be bringing out … Read more

Microsoft Pink Specification includes: Tegra, Snapdragon, OMAP 3

Zdnet are reporting some very interesting information about the rumoured Microsoft Pink Phone. While the Pink Phone has not been confirmed the rumours are largely fuelled by the specification for the Windows Mobile 7 Chassis 1. According to Znet they received the following specification from a “trustworthy source” WM7 Chassis 1 Specification Core requirements: Processor: … Read more