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PS3 Slim : 320GB White flavour??

The console tug of war continues. Sony not that long ago released the slimmed down version of it’s PS3 and beefed up it’s hard drive capacity. Microsoft followed afterwards with it’s newer slimmer, quieter  bigger capacity...

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Microsoft Kinect 19th November

Lucky for us we won’t all have to change our consoles hopefully for another few years at least, but we’re going to have to change the way we play them and actually do some work…… Thanks Nintendo Wii. With Playstation’s Move...

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Xbox 360 Arcade coming August

At E3 earlier this year Microsoft did say after they announced the new Xbox 250GB Slim that an Arcade version would be in the pipeline, now the new look Xbox 360 250GB has been out less than a week and it appears Bill Gates’...

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Xbox 360 SLIM

So the rumours were true and to be fair it’s about time. The Xbox 360 slim console has been made official and will be available soon (July 16th). Playstation 3 hasn’t been out nearly as long as the Microsoft console yet they’ve...

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Rumours of a large Xbox 360 price drop

There are currently several rumours flying around the net that there could be a large price drop for the Xbox 360. Rumour has it Microsoft might be planning another rather significant slashing of prices for its console again,...

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Xbox 360 Sales reach 17.7 Million

Microsoft have been having a lot of problems recently with its live service however it has not stopped them selling a whole load of 360s during the Christmas break. Apparantly the company has shipped 17.7 Million Xbox 360...

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