Microsoft gives up on Windows 10 Mobile

It probably comes as no surprise but Microsoft has finally given up on its mobile OS. While Windows mobile was actually a good OS it never gained traction, coming out far too late and not getting the backing of App developers. If the earlier versions of Windows Phone were more like Windows 10 Mobile then … Read more

Nokia and Windows 7 get friendly.

Nokia, the top dog in mobile phones for so long, finally seeing it’s majority hold on the market slumping with the successes of Apple, BlackBerry and Android mobiles. Many have put this down to the fact it stuck with it’s Symbian mobile platform which didn’t improve as greatly as the other 3 companies operating systems. … Read more

Windows Phone 7 launches on 21 October with 5 phones UK bound

Well it is finally here, Microsoft have finally launched Windows Phone 7, the successor to the dreadful Windows Mobile. In the UK phones will will be available from 21st October, while the US launch will be in early November. The initial response to the OS is extremely positive and with Xbox 360 and Zune integration … Read more

ZUNE PHONE : Microsoft’s iPhone killer?

Quite possibly the best thing i’ve heard this year and if it’s true i may actually wet myself. The Zune is Microsoft’s answer to the iPod. Despite the Americans getting every version we here in the UK seem to keep missing out on the PMP. Now it’s rumoured(quite strongly) that Microsoft will be bringing out … Read more

Toshiba TG01 Launched today on Orange

Toshiba’s TG01 phone, the first one to house the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor was launched today on Orange a week after it was accidently announced on its website last week and then withdrawn. It will be exclusive to Orange for the first 3 months and then be available on other networks.   You can pick the … Read more

Windows Mobile 6.5 Details

Well Microsoft have finally announced Windows Mobile 6.5 at the Mobile World Conference. They also announced several other services including: MyPhone – MyPhone is a free online service that lets Windows Mobile 6.5 users sync their data to the cloud. The data it will synch includes SMS, media files, contacts etc. However it will not … Read more

HTC Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2

HTC has just gone and announced updates to their ever-popular handsets, the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro. The Touch Diamond2, as you might have guessed, is the new Touch Diamond. It adds a larger display (3.2" WVGA with touch sensitive zoom bar), a new and improved TouchFLO 3D and 5 megapixel camera. All in an updated and refined exterior casing.

The Touch Pro2 is the real attention grabber. The Touch Pro2 is a mash-up of the TyTN II, the Touch HD, and the Touch Pro. It will include a tilting screen, 3.6″ WVGA screen, brand new TouchFLO 3D which apparently uses HTC’s Straight Talk which combines all communication into a fluid UI.

Both Handsets are due to appear around Q2 in Europe.

Images of the HTC Touch Pro2


touchpro2-htc-per03Image of the HTC Touch Diamond


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Windows Mobile 6.5 Handsets due September. WM 7.0 in April 2010

ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley has been hearing from her sources that manufacturers will have access to Windows Mobile 6.5 code from April with the first devices arriving around September. She also reported that the beta Windows Mobile 7 code will be available November of this year with the first handsets following on in April of 2010.

Toshiba TG01 with 1GHz Snapdragon Qualcomm CPU!

Toshiba have just announced what sounds like one hell of a phone that will be on display at the GSMA Mobile World Congress this February.

The TG01 will be the first mobile handset to incorporate the 1GHz snapdragon processor from Qualcomm which I imagine will make it one of the most powerful phones available today.

It also comes with 4.1″ WVGA resistive touchscreen with on-screen trackpad, HSDPA, aGPS, G-sensor, microSDHC support and DivX support.

It will also be 9.9mm thick which means it will be thinner than the iPhone and have a larger screen.

It is reported to run on Windows Mobile 6.1 and will have Internet Explorer Mobile 6 and be able to offer full flash support.

Toshiba have stated that:

We’ve taken all the technology from our TVs and put that into the screen

Looking at this device this is a clear competitor for everybody's favourite iPhone. The hardware certainly sounds like it could offer considerably more than the iPhone however it is not unlikely that Windows Mobile 6.1 will let it down. They could of at least gone with WM 6.5! Toshiba have tried to counter the issues with WM 6.1 by implementing their own interface over the OS.


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Windows Mobile 6.5 Leaked

11-12-08winmo65c Neowin (via Wmpoweruser) are reporting that the first Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM has leaked and is available for Blue Angel (O2 XDA IIs, Qtek 9090, T-Mobile MDA III) devices. Apparently the ROM is only beta so it is likely to be missing a few features.

The rom appears to be publicly available via XDA-developers:




Windows Mobile 6.5 features include:

  • TouchRecognizer
  • Touch LockScreen
  • IE6[IE Mobile8.12Pro]2009 Only for 6.5
  • CMHome For WM6.5PRO
  • Live For WM6.5

Microsoft are set to unveil WM 6.5 next month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Microsoft are also developing Windows Mobile 7 and this is expected for  release in the second half of this year. However it has already been delayed and was planned for release the first quarter of this year. I am sure we will see a few more delays between now and the planned release date.

I have previously mentioned (several times) that I was disappointed with Windows Mobile 5 and version 6 as I found them both very buggy with frequent crashes requiring software or worse hardware resets. I have not tried 6.1 but I do hope the new versions improve a lot. I like to see a bit of competition between manufactures and this year does look good for smartphones.

A video of Windows Mobile 6.5 running on BA is after the jump.

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