Different Types of Watch Bands: What you Need to Know & will they fit on a smartwatch like Apple or Garmin

Watches are coming back into style. After a brief period of being overlooked as some thought they could rely on their devices to provide the time, people are now recognising the importance of a stunning time piece to complete their outfit. If you’re looking to invest in a stunning timepiece, it is important to make … Read more

A Preview of the Gorillaz x G-SHOCK Collaboration

To mark their 35th anniversary, G-Shock launched their new range of watches with an event at their flagship Carnaby Street store – a collaboration with the planet’s ‘most successful virtual act’, Gorillaz. The event also featured a soundtrack from the Gorillaz sound system. As a tease for the launch of the watches, G-Shock previewed an … Read more

World’s Most Expensive Watches

After my post about the 24 Karot Mac Book Pro I feel the need for some more Bling. I personally love watches, when I finally become a a billionaire I will most likely collect them, however I despise over the top jewelry I think all these Footballers and Celebrities wearing diamond encrusted watches look like d**ks. Anyway despite my feelings towards celebrities fashion choices here is a list of some of the the worlds most expensive watches.

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