Edifier G2 II 7.1 RGB Gaming Headset Review – Affordable virtual 7.1 surround for PC gaming & they work with the PS5, too.

Along with all the TWS earbuds and numerous speakers, Edifier also makes gaming headphones. The Edifier G2 II sits on the affordable end of the spectrum, currently priced at just £59.99. This is also a USB headset, so it has a DAC built-in that offers 7.1 virtual surround. With these using USB, they are compatible … Read more

EPOS Sennheiser GSX 1200 PRO Review – A superb external 7.1 gaming amplifier/DAC that requires no software installing

EPOS | Sennheiser launched the GSX 1200 PRO a few years ago now, along with the more affordable GSX 1000. It is one of the few devices on the market offering virtual 7.1 sound possessing, which is achieved through a Binaural Rendering Engine built into the device itself. While you may see a lot of … Read more