Samsung Exynos W920 vs Exynos 9110 vs Qualcomm Wear 4100 Specifications Compared – The new Galaxy Watch4 chipset could make this the best Wear OS watch yet

Today, Samsung will announce the new Galaxy Watch4 series, and it could be one of the most important and exciting announcements for none-Apple related wearables in years. It was revealed earlier in the year that Samsung has teamed up with Google, and all forthcoming watches will use Wear OS instead of Tizen , which has been … Read more

Wear OS might finally become good thanks to Samsung and Fitbit. Just need Qualcomm to pull their finger out.

Wear OS has been a bit of a disappointment, it has not received the love it deserves from Google, and Qualcomm have put no effort into advancing the SoCs at the same rate as phones. While I don’t hate Wear OS watches, my experience with them has always been lacklustre. The abysmal battery life is, … Read more