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Swiss Army Knife just got better

Just when you thought the Swiss Army Knife couldn’t get any more useful, Victorinox, makers of the original branded Swiss Army Knife has now added to it’s flagship product the one thing we all need . A fully functional Secure...

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New iMac : upgraded

We’ve been a bit slow to up this news to you but the iMac has recently had a spec overhaul (as they do) and they look pretty tasty. However I’ll always be a PC fan but I can see the draw for some people to go for the iMac...

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PhotoFast G-Monster PCIe SSD

We have already seen the 1TB SSD OCZ Z Drive, and now Japan based PhotoFast today introduced a similar product called the G-Monster PCIe SSD that offers 256GB, 512GB and 1TB The G-Monster has 750MB/s reading speed and 700MB/s...

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1TB SSD OCZ Z Drive!!

If you are a PC enthusiast and have more money than sense then the OCZ Z Drive is quite likely the thing for you. This is a PCIe enclosure that’ll contain 1TB worth of SSD storage with maximum read rates of up to 600MB/sec...

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