Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite vs Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, & Note 9 – What is different?

Multiple leaks have come out about the up and coming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite the past few days. This includes the rumoured specification, renders and most recently live shots. The phone is expected to go official any day now, so how does it compare to the existing Samsung Note 10 devices? Dimensions & Design … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S5 announced

Samsung has announced its latest flagship Android phone the Samsung Galaxy S5 which has had a pretty basic spec jump and only a couple of stand out features. Rumours speculated that it would have a 4k screen and octocore CPU however the new SGS5 has only had basic spec bump to include 5.1in Full HD … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Pro and Apollo

Samsung is again expanding its Galaxy Range with two new smartphones. A budget low spec one the Galaxy Apollo and the business style Galaxy Pro so now there’s a Galaxy mobile phone for all markets.   Galaxy Apollo : 3.14” 400×240 Capacitive Touchscreen 3MP Camera 600MHz processor Android 2.2 Froyo w/ Samsung TouchWiz interface microSD … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab is official!!!

Here it is official at last, a true competitor to the iPad, the Galaxy Tab. WE’ve talked about the rumours lots here at MightyGadget and we’ve definitely sung the praises of the Galaxy S, Android phone too go alongside it. It will be officially 100% unveiled at IFA on September the 2nd but Samsung have … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Q : The S but smaller

We’ve spoken about the Galaxy S quite a lot recently mainly due to the fact it looked great before it came out and all we keep reading from other sources is how great it is since it’s release. Samsung phones in my opinion have always been just “alright” never exceeding the strengths of Nokia of … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S2 : Rumours

The Samsung Galaxy S hasn’t been with us long but the super 5 star rated blower is apparently getting an update early next year, according to Russian “internets” types. Now rumours are exactly what they are, RUMOURS but apparently the Ruskies are very much on the ball when it comes to Samsung mobile rumours and … Read more

Samsung Tape : Korean’s iPad rival.

Samsung have always been a major player in every corner of the electronics market with their good reliable products, whether it be the telly, the mobile phone or the computer. With the obvious popularity now of Apple’s iPad it was only a matter of time before Samsung entered that market too and with everyone trying … Read more