Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite vs Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, & Note 9 – What is different?

Multiple leaks have come out about the up and coming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite the past few days. This includes the rumoured specification, renders and most recently live shots. The phone is expected to go official any day now, so how does it compare to the existing Samsung Note 10 devices? Dimensions & Design … Read more

Samsung Announces Exynos 9825 SoC ahead of Galaxy Note10 launch. How does it compare to the Exynos 9825?


The widely rumoured Samsung Exynos 9825 chipset has been announced ahead of the Galaxy Note10 later today. Unlike the Snapdragon 855 refresh with the 855 Plus, the Exynos 9825 is a bit more than just a clock bump. The new Exynos 9825 SoC is now manufactured on the Samsung 7nm LPP (EUV) fabrication process which … Read more