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Phantom – Emergency Oxygen Pack

I doubt this is something I will ever use but it is a pretty neat invention. The Phantom is an emergency oxygen pack specifically for divers it is designed to be fixed to the front of a wetsuit, providing divers with 5 minutes...

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Mighty Gadget – New Theme

I was fed up with the look of the Blog so I am trying out some new themes, it will no doubt change again as we test out some new designs etc! Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in...

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Optimus Prime Truck is going for $50K on eBay!

   The Optimus Prime replica is being auctioned for $50k on eBay’s Canada store. The seller has converted a 1994 Peterbilt into Hollywood’s version of Prime, complete with blue and red flame paint job, dozens of chrome...

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World’s Most Expensive Watches

After my post about the 24 Karot Mac Book Pro I feel the need for some more Bling. I personally love watches, when I finally become a a billionaire I will most likely collect them, however I despise over the top jewelry I think...

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