Popcorn Hour C200 Network Media Tank Announced

The Popcorn Hour A-110 was a big hit with geeks around the world for its almost unrivalled ability to handle media. Unfortunately it was not all perfect, the unit was a bit slow to navigate, it transferring files to it was extremely slow due to the 100Mb Ethernet and various other little annoyances.

Week now it seems most of these issues will hopefully be ironed out with the release of the Popcorn Hour C200. Some of the key improvements that are worth noticing are:

  • A more powerful SMP8643 Sigma Chip compared to the A-110’s SMP8635. This should improve a lot of the issues the A-110 had.
  • Gigabit Ethernet – This will make a huge difference if you are running a gigabit network.
  • Possibly support for DVD and Blu-Ray. The removable tray at the front of the player apparently will support a DVD drive or Blu-Ray Drive
  • It is significantly bigger than the A-110.

Obviously you will also get all the usual great features of a Network Media Tank including UPnP, Samba, NFS, BitTorrent, Usenet. Then web services such as YouTube, Vuze, and Revision 3 and finally the ability to play almost any media file you throw at it include 1080p videos.

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The above image is from HomeTheatre.co.il and shows the C200 with a Blu-Ray Drive.

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