Nvidia Titan RTX launched for just £2,399

Because the RTX 2080 Ti wasn’t expensive enough or powerful enough in the first place, Nvidia has launched their latest Titan card the Titan RTX. The Titan range is a weird consumer/prosumer crossover card that should be used by people that can’t afford or don’t need a Quadro/Tesla but ends up being used more frequently in excessive … Read more

Nvidia Geforce RTX Titan is coming as multiple sources show off sample images

If you thought the new Geforce RTX 2080 Ti was expensive you had better brace yourself for the impending arrival of the Geforce RTX Titan. The Titan range of cards has always been more of a professional or prosumer card but it is typically a souped-up version of the flagship consumer model costing several thousand. This inevitably leads … Read more

Nvidia gives away 32GB Titan V CEO Edition GPU

For 20 lucky attendees of the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference, Nvidia surprised them with a free  Titan V CEO Edition GPU. This unannounced GPU is a special version of the Titan V which has more than double the VRAM capacity than normal at 32GB. While not really a consumer card, the Titan range has always appealed to … Read more