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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Netbook

Looking for a seriously portable netbook with plenty of options for change, well computer makers Lenovo have taken it’s Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptop, and shrunk it down to a super small 11” netbook. Best of all it’s not too...

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Acer Aspire One 533 : HD netbook

The thing with netbooks in my opinion is they’re all well and good to carry about and do the odd bit of word processing or web surfingin a coffee shop, but they cant really do much else. Acer has obviously noted this and has...

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Asus Eee PC 1015P : 13.5hrs battery life

If you pop on to the Asus website, they’ve just added it’s next model into its Eee range with the 1015P netbook. “Another netbook?” you might say “What’s different?”. Well according to Asus this little baby will work mains free...

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Nokia Booklet 3G The “mini laptop”

Nokia have left entering the netbook market for some time but here’s their first foray into the market with what they prefer to call a “mini laptop”. The Finn’s netbook(should I call it that??) appears to have the specs of a...

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Acer Aspire One D250

The Acer Aspire One D250 is available on Amazon for £329.99. The Acer Aspire One D250 is a slimmed down version of the Acer Aspire One netbook with an Atom Processor, optional 3G, up to 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive and 10.1 inch...

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