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Cowon 3D PMP : 1080p Glasses Free Visuals

Although not huge in this part of the world Cowon are massive in the far east especially in their native South Korea but they keep popping up on MightyGadget due to the fact they keep coming up with some top drawer PMPs to rival...

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Creative Zen Style 300

Another review to do another Creative product for us at MightyGadget to tell you all about. Today it’s the Creative Zen Style 300, a compact mp3 player on the low cost side that still offers plenty of options. For anybody...

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iRiver T8 Music Dongle

iRiver has been a leader in the mp3 player market since they first began and always stood out from Apple and Creative by having  a slightly better imagination department when it came to looks. The new T8 seems to buck the...

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Sony Walkman A845

The Sony Walkman A845 was first spotted last year and was believed to be coming our way in January. Well it has been released today and certainly looks up there to compete with the iPod touch especially if you’re an audiophile...

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Cowon J3 : PMP heading here

Cowon a South Korean Electronics company is releasing its lovely AMOLED screened PMP in Britain to put it in competition with the iPod nano sector. The PMP was only made official on South Korea a month ago so its a little...

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