Motorola Droid(Milestone) X : US release 15th July

The Motorola Droid or Milestone as us Brits know it by had quite a good success in this country, but was even more successful in the States. Well the US phone company has now announced the first Milestone family follow up will be due July 15th in the US, in time to rival the now … Read more

Motorola Flipout : Twisty Phone, Not For Squares …….

Sorry bad joke, but when i first read about Motorola’s new novelty Android mobile, I couldn’t help but say “OHHHHHH FLIPOUT!”(a la classic Surfaris song) Anyway enough of me being a twit, the phone. Now with most phones packing the goods in terms of functionality another way to attract interest is the look, and Motorola … Read more

Motorola Backflip heading our way

“Given the exceptional response to DEXT and Milestone to date, we look forward to adding Backflip to our smartphone range in EMEA…We will be making further announcements on availability and pricing of Backflip in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia beginning in Q1 2010,”   The above is a quote from Motorola about the … Read more