10Gtek 10Gb/s SFP+ RJ45 Copper Ethernet Transceiver Review – A SFP+ to 10GBase-T converter

Thanks to the Mikrotik Cloud Smart Switch I upgraded the connection between my PC and Server to 10Gbe for under £200 while also adding 24-gigabit ethernet ports to my network. It is a fantastic switch, and it turns out SFP is no more confusing than copper ethernet. However, 10GbE over copper is becoming more popular … Read more

Mikrotik Cloud Smart Switch 326-24G-2S+RM Review – The cheapest 10gbe switch on the market

At the consumer level, Ethernet has been stuck at a gigabit for years, and it is only the past generation or so of motherboards that have started to introduced 10gbe NICs for the higher end models. This is becoming more prevalent with the new AMD X570 motherboards, and with Wi-Fi 6 we are beginning to … Read more