List of Phones with MediaTek Dimensity 800 plus 820

The MediaTek Dimensity chipsets are the most promising range from the SoC maker, but to date, not many phones have launched with them. So far not a single Dimensity 1000 phone has been announced, even though the chipset itself was announced towards the end of last year. This sort of changed with the announcement of … Read more

MediaTek Dimensity 820 vs Dimensity 800 vs Snapdragon 768G –MediaTek bump their specs to compete with Qualcomm for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 or Redmi K30i

[Update] This is now official and better than expected with a GPU boost too I have given MediaTek a lot of grief for their relentless and pointless chipset launches the past few months. The MediaTek Dimensity 820 is set to launch on the 18th of May just two weeks after the announcement of the Dimensity … Read more