Final A3000 Earphones Review – Superb Hi-Fi earphones with an impressive soundstage & comfortable fit

My first experience with Final Audio was the VR3000 Gaming Earphones which offered impressive performance with a sound profile that helps improve your gaming somewhat. The A3000 is the latest release, more musically focussed this time and currently available to buy from HiFiHeadphones for a touch under £100. There is then the slightly more expensive … Read more

Brainwavs B200 In-Ear Headphone Review – Dual Armature IEM

Following our review of the excellent 1MORE E1001 earphones, we have been sent a sample of the Brainwavs B200 earphones/IEMs. Brainwavs are another relatively new Chinese brands producing high-quality audio products at affordable prices. All their earphones seem to be well received on Amazon, and they are also very popular on enthusiast forums such as … Read more