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Sony Ericsson : LiveView Remote control

Sony is never one to disappoint when it comes to making new tech products and now it’s come up with the LiveVuew, a remote control for your Android powered phone. Now you may wonder why one would need a remote control for your phone, which at first baffled me, but after I read further on it makes a little bit of sense.   The LiveView is a miniature touchscreen remote which connects to your Android phone (whether it be an Xperia X10, X10 Mini or X10 Mini Pro or even Samsung’s Galaxy S or HTC Desire) via Bluetooth. It can then display information such as messages, whose calling you and most importantly your social life in the form of Facebook and Twitter with those all important status updates.   Now you may just think you can stop being lazy and pull your phone out of your pocket/bag to look at these for yourself but Sony suggests it’s for those moments you can’t like in a meeting, in your car or at the gym. “Sony Ericsson LiveView can be clipped anywhere. Attached to a watch strap, on a keychain to a laptop, the micro display allows the user to incorporate the product into their lifestyle and always stay connected.”   No price as of yet but the LiveView will be available sometime in this last quarter of the...

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Mobile World Congress : HTC Desire

HTC were busy yesterday in Barcelona showing that the new boys in town mean business with a bunch of great phones will be hitting our shelves in the coming months which will make you think twice about getting an iPhone or Nokia.   The Nexus One appeared to be the next best thing but didn’t seem to live up to the task with reported faults and poor reviews, however HTC have come up with the Desire. Now basically it looks like a Nexus but HTC have said its got a “different construction” basically I think that means they’ve ironed out the problems.   Running Android 2.1 with a 3.7” OLED screen being run with Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon it has also been given HTC’s new optical trackpad. The main difference however is the UI. Flash Lite 4 software, a little menu that pops up in it’s browser allowing cut/copy/paste/translate and wiki text to mention a few tweaks. This phone will be available on Vodafone(who announced shortly after the release of the phone it will be carrying the three HTC phones we will talk about today) around the April/May...

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